Do you even play UMK3 on your Iphone??


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Assuming you have an Iphone that is lol

I thought it was pretty cool at first but after playing it for a while i kinda only play when im EXTREMELY bored but thats rare. Barely any of the characters i play with are even on the game and controls just do not work well with the iphone IMO

But i got it for free (i have a Jail breaked iphone) so i cant complain too much lol

So do you guys like it?

EDIT: Just found out they put out whole roster lol
I play the shit out of that game. When I'm on a trip. The loading times before MK online battles. When I'm laying down at night and can't sleep. Especially now that they added the whole roster.
The port is awful. Nothing to take serious but if your just passing time......i'd rather play Angry Birds or bust out the PSP and play SFA3m.
I do play sometimes when I need a good time killer, and the new roster is up since yesterday I think. It's a good game for a MK and is cheap (I'm not into jail breaking stuff) but nothing compared to SFIV, which I think is the best fighting game on iPhone.
Yes I do. After the update they released yesterday the game is a lot better. All 23 characters and 16 stages!
Of course, i played it even before the update, now it is even smoother and more fun to play, with the full roster and stages of UMK3.
I'll be damed, I remember it updating but I never thought to check and see what it was. I havent even defeted Kahn yet I rely heavily on the button link combos and you only get two hits knocks him backwards and I loose the frame game lol