Do you ALWAYS perform a fatality?


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Generally the idea is to finish you opponent, but im curious, does anyone ever finish a game and deliberately not perform a fatality? For any reason.

Same applies to babalities.
In ranked matches I always perform. In Koth, it depends, If I fight many times the same opponent, I stop doing the fatality after a couple of fights because, well he got the picture. Unless it's a stage fatality, I always perform them.
I don't do them at all unless its a big win. I feel annoyed by them in competative Games so i won't bother others with them generally
i never get tired of using fatalities but i like to use sub-zero's x-ray every now and then because you can hold it xD so the opponent is like oh crap now you gotta show off FINISH ME ALREADY and you're just posing and then bam ^^

on a side note. sometimes the win animation is cooler than the fatality *example : stryker* so i tend to shoot ppl or sth at the end just to see his win animation.
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In Ranked, I only do the Klassic Fatalities, it's like showing off. In KoTH though, I do it once so the whole room sees it and then just go for a punch or kick.
I only do them at the end of a Set, or if it was a close match, but most of the time when im in KOTH and i just destroy other players i just give them a sweep kick and keep it movin
It really depends. If I had a close match against a good player I might as a sign of respect. If I'm playing someone whose talking trash or just generally being a jerk I just jump around them and have Kitana do a little dance by stance changing. Seems to get them more annoyed then just doing a fatality.
online, I just usually do an uppercut only because I would like to get the next match started, other times i'll perform a fatality after a big win or after a personal losing streak is broken
If I have enough for an X-Ray...yeah, I can't avoid it.

But in all honesty, I'm so grateful for every succesful match I get that doesn't desync, lost connection, or consist of fighing Smoke/Scorpion that I usually skip the fatalities.