Do redeemable codes expire after a while?


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I know I am totally late entering the redeemable code I got preordering this with gamestop a million years ago (i forgot to do it after a while when the psn network was down).

Anyways I go to online - redeem code, and ente rmy code, it accepts it, downloads it, installs it, and then when i go to select the costumes for scorpion it still only shows costume1/2, and not the klassic/mk1 costume. Any idea what may be wrong? I quit and restarted the game as well. Would be a total bummer :(
To my knowledge, no.

But I do know that you should always use a code as fast as you can.
With all the fake code generators, there is always a very very very small, albeit very real, chance that someone can use your code on accident.
Thinking the virus they just installed on their computer actually gave them a code.
^^ no idea what your last sentence meant. Is there some line to contact if stuff liek this doesnt work?
probably but im paying extra money for something I shouldnt, ya know?

You'd be paying $5 for the entire set of pre-order DLC costumes (which is 7). Under normal circumstances, you probably would've gotten 3 codes max (Ermac, Jade, and which other ninja costume you pre-ordered, depending on your my case, it was Ermac, Jade, and Scorpion; I wanted Sub-Zero, but Best Buy wasn't very forthcoming about the TE, KE, or Sub-Zero DLC, so I took my business to GameStop instead, which is where I usually pre-order games anyway), unless you were one of those idiots who pre-ordered at every retailer and blew at least $355 of their own hard-earned money just to get those pre-order costumes that they could've gotten for only $5. Funny thing is, if they had been reading NRS's own Twitter account, they would've known upfront that the pre-order DLC would eventually be released to the public (which I already knew because I had seen it happen before).
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To answer the question directly, the PSN redeem codes (not sure about the 360) for Ermac, Jade, and the MK themes and avatars (which I'm surprised they haven't been released to the public) all expire on April 18, 2021. I still have those redeem code cards, so I was able to look them up. I'm not sure about the store pre-order codes, though. Since I pre-ordered the KE in-store, my Scorpion code was printed on my receipt (which I threw away because I paid in cash).

Hard to believe the redeem codes are valid for 10 that time, the next generation consoles will probably be out and the current ones will likely be the fact that all the pre-order DLC costumes were already available for public download merely 2 months after the game's release.