DLC usable with online only?


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Just wanted to say something about the DLC stuffs. I was over at a friend's house and I brought MK and my hard drive with all the DLC characters and costumes, not to mention alternates and fatalities unlocked through game play. I noticed that when I pressed start to select Cyber Sub's compatibility alternate, it just selected him to be played, so it didn't go to the costume select. The other thing was when I went to the bottom left to pick Cy-Zero, none of the DLC characters showed up, or rather, that bar that extends just didn't extend. I went to pick someone with an alternate and went for Cyrax's MK3 costume. Lo and behold, the only costumes he had were Human and Robo Cyrax. I tried and tried with others and the only costumes were the alts from beating arcade (the same ones for purchase in the Krypt). So I guess you need an online connection to use the things you get online. Again, I brought my own hard drive that we used, and by the way, for anyone confused, this would make Jade for instance have only 2 costumes when she has 4 total; her original MK9, Arcade/Krypt alt, and the two left out would be the MK1 Klassic Pack #1 alt, and the MK2 Compatibility Pack alt. Please let me know if this happens to you and I'm sorry if this has already been addressed in the time that the DLC was released.
blame microsoft on that one dude, if you want to play dlc bring your xbox to your friends house
If he has online you could just download them again with your account. No need to even bring a harddrive. If he doesn't have online, then I'm pretty sure you're screwed.
I see what you're saying, but why should the actual xbox matter when I brought the hard drive with all the saves and everything?

for the player to use the dlc with a friends console you have to be the owner. Most of my friends I play with are either poor and cant afford xbox live or have ps3's so i'm not completely sure if you can do it if your friend has a live account i think you should try recovering your gamertag and bring your hard drive the next time you go to your friends house
this sucks, but it is no longer like the old days where you bring a 'save' to a friends house and can do all that stuff....the stuff you download is linked to the console and account, as opposed to the HD.