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Who do you want for Mk 9

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Re: DLC for MK

This game is such great fun, why would you not want more characters?

Because more is not always better. MK: Armageddon, anyone? If anything I would like to see a complete set of classic costumes, alternate costumes for DLC characters (except for Freddy), new stages like Kombat Tomb (with fatality), Warrior Shrine, The Portal, and the Bell Tower upgraded with its fatality, and of course more classic fatalities like Kitana's and Sonya's Kisses of Death, Raiden's from MK1, Mileena's Suck-n-Spit, Shang Tsung's Kintaro Morph (MK2), Sindel's Sonic Scream, etc.

Unfortunately DLC for MK9 is finished, but it's nice to dream.