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What Finishing Move do you want as DLC

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What Finishers would you like to be added to the game?

I had Brutalities on there but they must have got deleted.

Mods can you edit poll?
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Stage Fatalities - Totally new fatalities - Friendships and....even if you forgot to add them in the poll : BRUTALITIES


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I dont think classic fatalities would be out of place in this game. Saying some of the fatalities are combinations of the the classic fatalities anyway.


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Classic fatalities, the other finishers are silly. Exceptin the stage fatalities of course, and new fatalities would be cool but if they are simple and good. But i prefer clasiccs over the rest.


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What's so great about brutalities? They suck and were pointless from the get go imo.
Totally, I didn't think anyone liked them till I started coming here. I've seen one done ONCE just so my bro could prove he could do it, but he said it wasn't worth it.


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I totally agree... I never liked brutalities and they never could grasp my attention! I want to see friendships as DLC, always thought they were funny.

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Friendships. Babalities should NOT be in any MK game without friendships, period. Animalities aren't as necessary as friendships at this point, but Liu Kang's Dragon fatality in this game I think has increased everybody's desire to see them with the new technology. Also, Kitana MUST have a re-imagined "Kiss of Death" fatality and Kano must have his eye laser, IMO, so definitely bring back the klassic fatalities re-imagined. Bell Tower and Rooftop must have stage fatalities, so many more stage fatalities are needed.

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As for brutalities, it's stupid to think that they will be like the ones in MK3, people said the same thing about babalities, and look at how those turned out. I bet Brutalities will be character-specific this time around, and will be overkill finishers, like Quan Chi's leg beat fatality.


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I think that Hari Kari would be the best kick in the dick to do online. Babalities are great, but killing yourself before your opponent is good as well. Brutalities would be sweet too, but they would have to make it more realistic. Make it like the build your own fatality in Deception, but not as cheezy. Like U,U,D,2 would rip off someone's arm or something. Make it so that you have to put it in just as MK3 in order to pull it off. I think that would be pretty cool. Animalities shouldn't take priority, it's a cool idea, but whatever. Classic fatalities are sweet and if you want to do them just boot up your old console and DO them.....


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Klassic Fatalities would be ok , but i think seeing something NEW would be better , Like Friendships , Animalities , Stage Fatalities , Hara Kiris and NEW fatalities . At least one for each Kharachter


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In order of importance for me:

- Friendships

- Totally new fatalities

- Classic Fatalities (Ones that haven't been already used in this game to make new ones, like Kung Lao's Hat Trick II fatality combining both of his fatalities from MK II)

- Stage Fatalities

- Hara-Kiris

- Animalities (As long as you don't have to do that retarded "Mercy" thing first in order to do them)


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animalities and Hara Kiris, they are varied and anmalities could be so awesome on this generations consoles, no to brutalities cause they are boring and are all the same


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I'm all for the classics. I remember looking through the new fatalities and being sad about a couple of them. Kano's laser eye is totally unavailable to the player, Kitana's Kiss of Death isn't here in any incarnation, Scorpion's Toasty is only matched with the Klassic pre-orders, Cyrax can't blow up the world (since Smoke isn't a cyborg anymore) or even himself lol, and Shang Tsung doesn't drain his opponent of their essence (plus I didn't care for his Hidden Fatality at all, it was a rip-off of a weak Liu Kang Fatality in Deception).


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I would definitely like to see animalities or hara kiris. I think those have a lot of potential to be the most outlandish.


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Mercy too, you forgot about it. I wanna see the opponent walking away ashamed or bowing before you for sparing them, not getting life back and finishing them again, that's stupid. forgot brutalities too, they will probably look good in the new game :D