DLC Characters won't show up anymore


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I have a problem with my Mortal Kombat 9... I downloaded the DLC characters back in 2011 and everything worked fine... till now...
Last time I had some problems because the DLC's didn't show up in the selection screen (downloaded costumes and so on still work fine)... restarting the game, restarting the controller and other things helped... today i wanted to play the game and again they didn't show up... restarting etc doesn't work anymore... what happend?
i connected to the internet half a year ago and it updated the xbox menu... maybe that's a reason?

has someone the same problem and fixed it?
I had the same problem.

Fixing is easy, worked for me.

Enter on PS Store, in the account you downloaded the DLC, go on Downloads (or you can search too, but downloads are easier) and download all chars again.

Then you will see them in the select screen. I think this happened with the last update, and it will probally ask to update again, but you will keep the chars.
Thanks a lot!

After i downloaded them again they still didn't show up but after the update they did! Now everything works fine again.