Disney CFO: Star Wars will Follow Marvel Model


hmmmm this can go either way . i guess my only question is how would the supposed toda and young han solo spin off films fit into this?

It's not only Fox that wants a piece of the Marvel pie: the new Star Wars movies will also play out inside a similar interlocking cinematic universe, according to Disney CFO Jay Rasulo.

"You can substitute the word Marvel for LucasFilm,” Rasulo said while.discussing Disney's plans for its LucasFilm properties at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, according to The Wrap.

Marvel's strategy, of course, is to weave the adventures of solo heroes throughout the same universe, with all narrative strands leading towards a mega-film (The Avengers/The Avengers 2.) The success of each film breeds the success of the next. As Rasulo calls it: "the Disney eco-system."

That Disney is following a similar blueprint with Star Wars is a no-brainer considering what we already know: a new Star Wars film - a mixture of the central trilogy and standalone stories - will be released each year starting with Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015.

And just in case your wallets weren't crying and the thought of all those cinema tickets already, Rasulo said that Star Wars will be similarly integrated into its toy division.