Dimming of background during a FATALITY

Which form of dimming is best during a FATALITY?

  • Totally black background with a normally lit foreground

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • Uniform 50% dimming of both foreground and background

    Votes: 19 82.6%

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What are your feelings of the way dimming occurs during FATALITIES. I'm not a big fan of the background turning completely black while the foreground stays lit. Looks funny... I like the more uniform dimming of the older games.
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I liked the 50% darkness of the old games, where it looked like the area had a slightly creepier and darker mood.
does it go totally dark in the new MK??? If it does than i would have to agree. They should darken it, but not so much you can't see the awsome looking backgrounds!!!!
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... but the real answer to your question is that it is probably a lot easier to jump to all of those fatality animations--minus backgrounds--because it's less stuff to render and it takes up less space.

Actually, this would be true only if each fatality were pre-rendered CGI cut scenes. However, these are real-time animations.

Kung Lao's Fatality

in this video clearly shows that they are still being rendered on the acid pit stage, but now with the more advanced lighting techniques of the unreal 3 engine it seems they kill all of the ambient light sources and leave just one to highlight the fatality. Here is another really good example...

Scorpion's Fatality

on the Living Forest stage. You can actually watch the ambient lights dim as the fatality animation starts.

Interestingly enough, the new Fatality dim does not seem to be an across-the-board decision as you can see in this video of Kung Lao's 2nd Fatality....

I'm a big fan of the 50% dim, but perhaps we are not seeing all the detail we should be seeing with the new lighting format due to the lack of HD Video content and the ever-changing builds of the game that are being shown as it progresses.
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This is actually something I've thought about for ages.

I do like just the background going black, but what I don't like is how it chops the floor up. It gets cut at sharp angles across the board, but one instance that sticks out in my mind is Scorpion's 2nd fatality in Jade's Desert. The background goes black and you can see all those nice wind effects, but then during the fatality the floor actually separates from itself, which looks very ugly. I can understand why it happens, but I'd still like them to fix it. I hope it doesn't show up in the final product, but it's possible they could just leave it due to most people being too busy watching the fatality to pick it up. Even though I can't see how anyone could miss it...

Bottom line, if they can resolve the edge problem, then I'd like them to keep this style. If not, make it old school 50% dim if possible.