Did you guys like Liu Kangs ending?


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I think its cool that Liu Kang becomes a "god" and protector of earthrealm, but its sad to see liu kang and raiden duke it out. I always saw them as that master and apprentice duo. But it seems like they start to grow apart, espcially if you see what happens in story mode as well.
No. Liu Kang needs to stay a hero and not as a God. He needs to stay the Champion Of Mortal Kombat. If anyone needs to replace Raiden, its Fujin. Although I did like the art in the ending.
Endings in MK9 are a constant hit and miss for me. Scorpion's and Raiden's endings felt pretty well executed and interesting, but Lui Kang's and Stryker's were very bland and silly (albeit Stryker's was pretty hilarious)
Shang Tsung's ending was better...

I liked Shang Tsung's ending.

MK 9 Story Mode ending though = FAIL!
If they're continuing MK 10 from the MK 9 Story Mode, count me out for MK 10.

Aside from Reiko, Tanya, Fujin, Quan Chi and Havik, all the other NEW characters from MK 4 and on sucked MAJOR ass!!!
Hell yeah I liked it. I especially liked the hybrid render we got too. I want that as an alt!

I agree 100%...I also like how he has a darker appearance without him becoming all zombie like. It takes away from his shaolin personality but I really like a more darker liu kang as appose to a happy-go-lucky liu.
You think that Liu Kang becoming a god might be canon later on? The result of him becoming a god is in his and Shang Tsung's endings, so it might be possible...
Liu needs to stay away from God status, period. Enough of licking this guy's balls already, NRS!


You have to admit, Liu Kang being the protector of Earthrealm would be interesting. Raiden turned into a real nutjob.
If anything Shang Tsung's would be canon because Liu Kang still becomes a God (WTF were the Elder's thinking, I guess wisdom doesn't come with age) and Shang Tsung must stop him.
It doesn't make sense. Why did the Elder Gods grant such a selfish wish? Also during Shang Tsung's ending it's revealed that Liu Kang's power goes to his head, so why don't they just take his power away? I want Liu Kang to stay good with or without new powers.