Did anyone realize..

Yea its pretty much the same. Except Kira hugged u n ripped ur torso off. Mileena seems to grab ur throat n crotch n rips u apart at the thighs!
If Kira becomes a dwnloadable character she should keep he 1 fatality were she spins n slits ur throat twice n kicks ir body n u head falls off.
Her 2nd one she be a new one!
yep, NRS & Ed recycled a bunch of old ideas ..... maybe to see if sounded good in the new engine .....
Of course they're unoriginal; they're drawing on classic fatalities because that's what people want.

Is that seriously even a question? This game is practically MK1-UMK3 in a modern engine.
That Mileena's fatality in MK9 is Kira's fatality in Deception?

Yeah, I found that out months ago when I was on the Mortal Kombat wiki.

I'm not peeved off about it as some people, because it was a good fatality back then (One of the very few things I liked about Kira), and it'll look good when we see it on our TVs.

Something you should ask though is why in the hell do Ermac and Raiden share the same fatality?
Kabal's is also pretty same to one of his older ones. The fatalities in MK9 are unoriginal, this proves it.

Ya, they use the same moves on the same characters for the same game franchise, what gives [/sarcasm]

There are tons of undocumented fatalities, up to the public to figure them out once the game is released