Dedicated Showcase Mortal Kombat 4 Arcade by MIDWAY


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Here is my Dedicated Showcase Mortal Kombat 4 Arcade, 39" Monitor, stand away Control Panel. This is the only one ive ever seen, so I bought I have no clue how many were made. I took it all apart and cleaned it up and put it back together. All I lack is new buttons and joysticks.

I have NEW joysticks and buttons ordered, should have them shortly.

You can also see my gameroom and my other MK cabinets, I will have custom MK banners on the walls soon!

Thanks, KornKombat

Video 1

Sub-Zero Gameplay on Showcase MK4

Walk Around Video
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Umon Daisuke

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Very nice. I loved these types of cabinets. If I'm not mistaken, those were custom made by some suppliers and the official ones are the standard sized one that you already have.


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This showcase cabinet is covered in Midway Games Serial Numbers and stamps. All artwork is 100% Original Pieces from Midway.


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Man that is so sick! I absolutely love MK 4! Makes me wish they could get a 100% arcade perfect version running on current gen consoles :(
hey when yor nipsco gets turn on and you get some power to does cabnets,,,,call me i love to sleep at your house for a nite,,,sleepover at kornkombats


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Great setup. I remember playing the hell outta the arcade version back when the local putt putt was open but I can't bring myself to play the home versions. They're just plain awful.