Death to Reality Shows / Musician Actors


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It really sucks that so many people are out of work these days because of Reality TV. Actors, writers, and many other positions are no longer necessary because of these shows. I was filming something recently (and actually had a few lines) and I was amazed at the number of people that traveled from Los Angeles/Hollywood just to be an extra in the background. That is ridiculous!

Another thing that sickens me is musicians that are in movies. I recently saw that Usher is going to be in two films and Faith Hill was just in The Stepford Wives. Please, please, please just stick to what you know how to do and make music. Don't take away legitimate jobs from people who have devoted their lives to making it as an actor/actress. These people starve just because you have celebrity status.


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I agree with you. I hate reality shows. The ideas are incredibly unoriginal and I don't understand why people care so much about the people starring on the show. Most of the actors do not have any talent whatsoever and there is far from anything special or unique going on in their lives. People in our society are fucking idiots.

As for the musician actors. Most of them have pretty much no musical talent or acting ability. I think people's minds are just too ignorant to comprehend good music and just stick to anything that is commercialized. It makes me sad.


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TetterkeT said:
It really sucks that so many people are out of work these days because of Reality TV. Actors, writers, and many other positions are no longer necessary because of these shows.
In a way, a reality show could no survive without these two. Do you really think reality TV actually reflects reality?

Anyways, I really do hate reality TV shows aswell, though I will admit that some are kind of amusing. It's just so much fun to laugh at these people who're willing to make total fools of themselves for a few minutes of fame. Even more amusing is some of the have the gall to consider themselves actual celebrities and try for an actual movie/acting/music career. Only in America, only in America.


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I absolutely loathe reality shows. I pray for the day that decent programming will return to TV and have even a fighting chance at staying on the air. There have actually been a handful of good shows to come out over the past few years that were completely overlooked and quickly cancelled due to this country's infatuation with reality TV shit. Anyone remember Andy Richter Controls the Universe? That show was genius and it didn't even get a full season.

I think we need more shows like Reno 911 and less shows like fucking the Simple Life starring the idiot-whore twins, don sarn it.


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Reality shows can just plain shove it. I really don't care for any of that crap people call decent TV.

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TV is supposed to be an escape from reality, dammit! How is that going to change if the idiots in broadcasting insist that reality shows are the way to go? You want a reality show? I got one for you. It's called the 5 o'clock news. That's the only true reality TV, in my mind.

And as far as singer/celebrities go, we can do without Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Eminem in movies. The only argument you're gonna hear from me on the subject is the ICP and Twiztid. They did a fresh movie, called, "Big Money Hu$tla$."

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I think something that's kind of been over-saturated by musicians/models/etc. trying acting is the cameo. It's sad that many celebrity cameos (walk in, have a quick one liner in a movie, or stick around for one episode of a TV show) mean nothing these days.