Death Cargo... remember that game?


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I had happily forgotten all about this piece of sh*t game and their even worse developers, and suddenly I see this on my youtube dash.

I'm not going to suffer alone though.

This is for you guys.
No I don't seem to recall this "game".

Just watched halfway through. It's terrible. Characters look stiff and I wonder why the developers thought it would be cool to have character animations like that.
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I remember when I was on MKO, one of their developers made an account and started going after every single person who said the game looked bad.

And I left a comment on one of their videos that this game just doesn't look appealing and one of their "die hard fans" kept messaging me to go commit suicide because I'm a Mortal Kombat scrub.

I'd say the "fans" were more interesting than the game itself. I put fans in quotations because we all know it's just their developing team pretending to be fans to get their channel more views.
lol, did they think they could get away with all the sh*t they did just by changing the game's name?
It still looks incredibly awful!