This character, to me, I thought they had no idea what they were doing with him. I feel like he was brought up at the last minute and threw whatever they wanted with this guy. I mean, I had no idea what I was looking at, and this guy is supposed to be some rebellious dude that starts riots. No.

I thought his fatalities was just horrendous, like they didn't even sit down and think things through with what they wanted. That one where he just pries the limbs off and just place them randomly... what do you even call that? The second one where he just bashes his opponent with their hands it just was something that was more pleasant to see for a fatality, but it wasn't so pleasing to be remembered as an awesome fatality. His special moves were also forgettable. Just bleh. No.

And it's a shame that people thought at the beginning he was Cyrax. No.

I wouldn't miss this character if they decided to scrap him, but I will say that there should be more diverse cast of characters. However, if this character is to make a comeback, then hey, how about actually sitting down with this character and think things through. Make him make sense and not make my head hurt in trying to figure out what the heck he's supposed to be. I mean, without reading his biography, I doubt people would be able to make out what this guy is supposed to be about.
I don't know anything about his back story, but since his design is so damn uninspired I automatically don't give a shit about him.