What dazzles me is the way to pronounce his name. Is it Dark-side or Dark-seed? Or even Dark-sayed.
i never saw darkseid before so i googled darkseid look wat i found

You know, if you put
around the url for a pic, this happnes...

And another sweet pic of him (serious this time)


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I refreshed the page and it came up...wierd. Anyway, I hope they update Darkseid (it's dark-side btw) and his look for this game. Obviously one of his fatalities will be his Omega Effect eyebeams. But I don't like how he just wears a blue tunic (a la Zelda) and some boots. I mean, his face and head are unique but his attire is rather boring for such a powerful villain. I loved the way he looked when he partially merged with Brainiac's remains in Justice League Unlimited.

The cartoon said "Dark-side".

Darkseid is overrated... And thats bad coming from a Legion of Super heroes fan since orginnally he was our villian. Oh ells. Who cares. I think something happened like he discovered that ne thousand years in the future was ba for his health/future.
I agree with Grant Morrison and some of the other writers, DC uses Darkseid WAY to much. Grant wanted an embargo on the New Gods until Final Crisis was released, and what does DC do? Make a freakin weekly starring the New Gods. He's coming back in full Darkseid form in FC4. Can't wait!

Also, I laughed my ass off seeing Darkseid sing karaoke with Ambush Bug in Ambush Bug #3.

@Angel: Darkseid was originally a Fourth World baddie. The Darkness Saga in Legion was one of DC's first attempts to really integrate him into the main DCU. So technically he wasn't a Legion villain originally.

But the Darkness Saga was very good.
Darkseid's Human hosts in FC (The Black one, Boss Dark Side, got burned out. His essence seems to be in the white one, Dan Turpin, now.)


Darkseid's new look coming up in FC#4.

I don't care who he is really... He bores me.

Give me Brainiac or even the Riddler over him.

He just feels... So generic.
There's not many villains in the DCU that are more powerful though. He pretty much is their equivalent of Kahn. Either him or Mongul anyway.