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Age: Beyond 10,000
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 255 lbs
Resides: Earthrealm

Daegon and his brother Taven have been put in a contest by their parents. They have been put to a long sleep and were to be awakened by their guardian dragons when the time for the quest to begin will come. Daegon's dragon, Caro, had mistakenly awakened him centuries prematurely. He had become crazed and corrupted and founded the Red Dragon crime organization, which had its main target in finding Blaze and used Caro to open portals as transportation. Daegon enlisted the help of Shinnok, who lied to him, telling him that his parents were aiding his brother. Daegon confronted and killed them. When Taven was awakened, Daegon used his Red Dragon troops in attempt to get rid of his brother. Taven chased Daegon down to the Netherrealm, but left without finding him, because Shinnok lied to him that Daegon have already left the realm. Taven and Daegon eventually reached Edenia, where they fought for the right to contest Blaze. Before they fought, Daegon revealed he murdered their parents because he was told by Shinnok that they favored Taven over him. Daegon was defeated by his brother.

However, in Daegon's ending, he defeats Blaze by cheating, killing him when Taven was fighting him. His parents are revealed to be alive feigning death as to draw out the true nature of their sons. Taven being the noble one will take Argus' place as Defender of Edenia while Daegon will be punished severely for the suffering he caused

Signature Moves
Fiery Hands (MK:A)
Cloak of Avoidance (MK:A)
Rushing Shoulder (MK:A)
Rolling Hatred (MK:A)​
I hope they will clarify what happened at the end of Armageddon, because we don't know what exactly Raiden talked with the emporer, we don't know what happened after Khan, Onaga, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi stepped in the portal, and we don;t know what happened with Daegon after all that happened.

Daegon looks cool, good storyline and I hope that they will expand the Taven/Argus/Daegon storyline.
Daegon's a pretty cool character, with a good personality, but I'm not a fan of Taven. And I'm not sure how you can feature Daegon without always bringing up Taven.
I hope we never see him or his brother again. They are the sole purpose Shujinko was treated like booty.
I hope we never see him or his brother again. They are the sole purpose Shujinko was treated like booty.
lol I didn't care for them much either. Daegon was the cooler of the 2, but he's just like a lesser Shao Kahn, which doesn't stand out much. I hate that it says Daegon killed Shinnok because he's supposed to be an Elder God!
I don't like Daegon as much as I like Taven, but I'll always remember Daegon's messed up eye lol.
Daegon's a pretty cool character, with a good personality, but I'm not a fan of Taven. And I'm not sure how you can feature Daegon without always bringing up Taven.
Well Daegon woke up early so if they wanted to, I believe they could feature him without ever bringing back Taven. He can be seen fighting in MK9's Pit stage
Never liked Daegon, although I heard an idea of him being a part of Shinnok's army in MK10, which, for some reason, I like
I hate to say it, but the Red Dragon clan were formed way before the 10th Earthrealm MK Tournament started, plus most of the Black Dragon clan were originally deserted members of the Red Dragon. So we're most likely gonna hear from them again either in the end of MK10 or the beginning of MK11 so they can hunt down the remaining Black Dragon members (Tremor, Kano and Kabal) and plan their own domination of the realms, plus Daegon's godhood ascension.
i've been curious in why Daegon has been fighting in the backgrounds of MK9. We know Blaze and Hornbuckle were fighting so Blazae can guard the egg. I wonder what's his purpose. Hmmmm.
I hope we never see him or his brother again. They are the sole purpose Shujinko was treated like booty.

Agreed as far as not seeing him again.

The reason that people disliked Shujinko may have really been because he stole Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Raiden and Ermac's special moves.
Not to mention Sindel, Li Mei and Kobra's special moves too.
At least that's why I disliked him.
He didn't feel original to me.
I think he has great potential for MK10, if he gets an MK9 Kenshi type of remake in MK10.
Please check out my theory for him which I made trying to preserve MK canon

Edenia was the place containing the most knowledge in the Universe, where heirs from the races of saurians, seidans, enenras etc would be sent to study and master their powers over flying, elements or mind reading. Edenians had an essence in the fruit of the enormous Tree of Life that grew in the middle of the Capital City, from which all babies were fed and which slowed their aging by a factor of 1000 once they reached maturity, giving them long lives and protection against diseases. They also had a continuous summer wind which ensured nights were warm and crops were rich all year long

Edenians didn't have written records but their knowledge was all available through a mental database accessible from everywhere and by everyone. Every image ever seen could be uploaded in the mental database and accessed as a projection. There's this whole vibe of Anakin or Genesis from FF to Daegon. We know that his father was a god and his mother a sorceress. They, with the power given to them by the Elder Gods, were busy with watching over the realm, every day ensuring that the sun rises and sets (creating the planet's rotation), that the crops feed and the essence provides medical care for millions of inhabitants

So, Argus and Delia didn't raise their children themselves. As a baby, Daegon was entrusted to the royal family and King Jerrod took him in, the dragon Caro being assigned as his teacher, friend and mentor. With very long life spans, Edenians normally have a child every 20000 years but after losing 9 MKs, a new generation of children is born in an unconscious effort for survival. Among them the princess Kitana, loved by all Edenians from birth. Because of unknown tragic events that happened 1000 years ago, Taven had renounced his Edenian heritage and traveled the realms as a mercenary all this time, hating his parents, only having his dragon by his side as a voice of knowledge. He was leading his own mercenary company, comprising warriors of different races, among which Smoke (ancestor), a young Hotaru, Ashrah and Kintaro. They were the most expensive company as they were renowned for always winning

So Kitana and Daegon grow up together in the rosy gardens of the royal palace where they learn to walk on water, glide in the wind jumping from the highest towers and ride Caro when no one is around to see them! Daegon swears to always protect the young Princess as he becomes skilled in both sword and combat, trained by the Prime General of Edenia himself. Kitana and Daegon develop a children's love, watching every morning from the palace garden how the God Argus, Daegon's father, creates the sunrise. Their love turns into an adolescent one, with them planning their first love night, but Daegon decides to only hold in his arms a naked scared Kitana, warming her body until morning. Edenia loses for the 10th time in a row and Shao Kahn's army enters the realm

With no alternatives, Argus and King Jerrod send a messenger, Blaze, devoted priest of Lady Delia's temple and long-time friend of Taven to bring him back to defend the realm. He tracks down Taven and convinces him to return by offering his army the immortality of the Sacred Tree once Shao Kahn is stopped. The mercenary group made up of of ruthless warriors steers controversy as they march onto the Edenian Capital's streets demanding coin, women and wine in exchange for their services. The arrogant Taven is hosted in the palace, leading the war council. He flirts with young curious Kitana and she is confused at the sight of this great warrior that all young ladies of her court dream of, including Tanya. Kitana and Taven feel an overwhelming lust for eachother. Enigmatic Rain (under his real name), who also loved the princess, was the only one who could match Daegon in the competitions, boosting his ego as Daegon was a demigod. This status made Daegon ineligible to participate in the Mortal Kombat to defend Edenia, but Rain was also refused participation despite his strong desire, him not being aware that he was also a halod

Rain was however not the product of infidelity, but that of dark magic a powerful demoness from the Netherealm (the woman from Jade's ending) had conjured using his father's blood. Argus rescued the boy from the Netherealm where he was forged and had faith that the taint of evil will disappear from him, took him to Edenia but trusted no one with the secret that the child was half god and half demonic. He instead made up the lie about his own infidelity and entrusted Rain to be raised by the loyal General. When the General died in the first counter-offensive against Shao Kahn's invading forces, orphan teenager Rain becomes part of the Edenian Resistance movement. In the games honoring his return, Taven defeats all opponents from the colonies of Edenia until only the courageous good-hearted Daegon faces him in the final. The younger brother tastes failure for the first time and the crowd cheers for Taven, confident for the upcoming war

A kid called Jade not more than 10 years years old becomes Kitana's handmaiden. She is cunning for her age and, at the princess' request, has her secretly trained into the arts of war and theft. Jade also facilitates a secret meeting between Kitana and Taven where they can't resist and end up sleeping together, although they both regret it afterwards. She wishes him to return safe from war. The souls of the dead in Edenia are not allowed to ascend to the Heavens anymore as Shao Kahn has the power to absorb them. A decade long war begins as Edenia refuses to fall, the greatest cities surviving long sieges under the wards of Argus as no portals of Shao Kahn can penetrate them, but suffer because the Emperor's armies are camped right outside their gates

Shao Kahn divides his forces in 3, each contingent being lead by an immensely powerful warlord: Reiko, Drahmin (before the mask of Kun Lo) and Quan Chi. The Emperor speaks from outside every city's gate and threatens to rape every man, woman and child who don't submit, but promises to give freedom and mastery over their own destiny and soul to all who join his army. Many Edenians express their desire to leave the under-siege cities and deflect to his camp. Among them is Tanya, who willingly relinquishes her body to the Emperor. The Elder Gods don't interfere even when Argus begs them to as the torments Shao Kahn causes to bodies or souls are finite to thousands of years and therefore the realms don't suffer permanent damage. Only the terrifying Elder God Shinnok comes down to Edenia for the first time in 100.000 years and offers cryptic advice, seemingly because the rules forbid him to directly interfere

In order to end the war, Shao Kahn agrees to fight at the same time the best 3 warriors Edenia has. Taven, Daegon and Rain come out of the city and the sons of Argus battle the Emperor in the great desert. They manage to perforate his heart but he refuses to follow the mortal rules set by the Elder Gods and die, instead healing himself, to the surprise of mortals and Gods alike. As the youth of Rain and Daegon causes the trio to loose the battle, they are forced to retreat into the Capital. After 9 years of war, the Princess and Jade evade the Capital without her father's consent through a secret passage in order to seek an alliance against Shao Kahn. They go to Seido and Vaeternus but can't offer terms. They travel to Outworld, to the King of Cryomancers, the last bastion in the icy mountains of Outworld opposing Shao Kahn, where the Princess pleads her case, but the cryomancers are too few to change the outcome of the war

They run when the King Sub-Zero wishes to send them back to her father. Crossing Outworld on horse, the Princess is captured and taken to Shao Kahn. Daegon, young commander of the army, abandons his post leaving to rescue her. He traces her steps but gets captured too. Shao Kahn rapes Kitana under Daegon's eyes while centaurs hold him down and then gelds him, leaving him forever mutilated, but alive in the dungeons with the feeling that he couldn't rescue his lover. Shao Kahn looks into Kitana's soul and tells Daegon about her and his brother. The images from Kitana's rape are uploaded into the Edenian mental linking system so all people witness the suffering of their Princess and their demigod hero. This brings down the Edenian society

Taven leads a secret offensive into Outworld and brings his brother and Kitana back to the Capital City. Jade had become one of Quan Chi's slaves and was not recovered as she was taken to his palace. However, Quan Chi treats her kindly because she reminds him of his daughter. The sorcerer creates for Shao Kahn 100 evil Kitana clones named Mileena, the first time this had been achieved. Smoke, Ashrah and Kintaro all die in battles one by one and their souls are taken by Shao Kahn. Taven mourns their loss but finds his inner strength praying to the Elder Gods and he receives cryptic visions to travel to the end of the world, where the sun rises. Taven reconciles with his parents. Hotaru, the last surviving warrior in his mercenary group, is sent to his home, the binary planet system of Seido, the realm with most inhabitants in the Universe, which had remained neutral up to this point, for an alliance

Seido had already lost 5 MK tournaments and they knew that their downfall was imminent after the 10th loss without Edenian technology that they had not been granted permission to until then. Concerned about giving immortality to Seidans, Edenians give them the fruit of the Sacred Tree combined with an essence that ensures they always choose the right thing to do, thus being responsible for their sense of absolute order. Hundreds of thousands of battle equipped seidans enter Edenia

Kitana is helped by her mother, Sindel, to get over her ordeal. Unable to resume his relationship with the Princess, ashamed of having been rescued by his brother and seeing that Taven becomes the hero in Kitana's eyes, as well as being declined magical healing by his God-parents, for Edenians encouraged people with deformities to accept themselves, Daegon goes insane. Shinnok steps in as a father figure and tells him that his parents have the power to heal the damage done to his body but instead are aiding Taven. As the armies of Shao Kahn are pushed back from Edenia by Taven's new-found inner powers and the Edenian-Seido alliance, Argus and Delia come up with the plan to prevent Armageddon

Delia's visions made the Elder Gods realize that one among them was interfering with their hindsight. This prompted the 6 of them to bestow upon a chosen warrior a tenth of their power. They instruct Argus and Lady Delia to put the 2 brothers to sleep in a place not even themselves will be aware of, while Blaze sacrifices his human body and life in order to be the vessel of the power of the Elder Gods. Daegon is summoned to his father's throne room and senses something is about to take place, mentally contacting Shinnok, who in turn is able to follow their connection to his burial place in Earthrealm

Shinnok doesn't want the turn of the war to shift in favor of the Edenians, so he appears as Kochal to a group of clerics in Seido and removes the Edenian essence from their blood. He tells them that all things come from chaos and will end in chaos, as chaos is the true way. One of the clerics, Havik, is tasked with triggering a cataclysmic event, resulting in the smaller of the 2 binary planets to be slowly moved of its axes and drawn towards the bigger one. This causes light rock formations to apparently defy the laws of gravity as they are drawn by both planets. The event known as The Tempest not only frees, but also damages the minds of the surviving inhabitants trapped on the smaller planet, which becomes Chaosrealm. Seidan forces are forced to retreat from Edenia and protect their own realm, as chaosrealmers travel by means of portals to the bigger planet and convert/infect seidans

Daegon is awoken by Shinnok who uses magic to trick Caro into thinking Blaze had signaled the release. Shinnok knows Shao Kahn can't enter the capital, the last refuge of Edenians, as long as the magical ward created by Argus stands. He needs someone to infiltrate and kill him, something only another god of his own blood could. Daegon confronts his parents for all his suffering and is almost calmed by the hug of his mother until she tells him that even mutilated he will still be their beloved son and that if Kitana doesn't love him he must accept his brother as her chosen one. Daegon, furious, stabs his mother 100 times in the chest and then kills his father and all the servants, children and deities in the palace of the Gods. He chains his dragon and forces it to open a portal to Earthrealm, where he evades

The shields failing, King Jerrod has the Tree of Life burnt, giving his daughter only a seed for hiding. Shao Kahn's army enters the capital and amidst the fighting he goes to Delia's temple. From there, he accesses the only known portal leading into the Heavens. He finds himself in a large hall in the presence of the 5 Elder Gods (minus Shinnok). They address him with the loving words a parent would address a long lost son, showing him images from his life. They regret that he had chosen this path and he had suffered so much but tell him that it is now time to accept the rule of mortality. In an instant, Shao Kahn is chained down on his hands and knees. As the Elder Gods tell him that they see all possible outcomes and this is where his road ends, Shao Kahn, blood flowing from his nose and ears in concentration, breaks his chains, rises and and throws his sword through an Elder Goddess, to the horror of the other Gods. As he charges, they combine their might to magically seal the portal and retreat, leaving Shao Kahn victorious in the Edenian temple

King Jerrod, wielding his ancient family sword that is told to have protected the Elder Gods themselves eons ago, therefore granting his family the rule of Edenia, challenges the Emperor. The old king still has great power in him and, in a fearsome battle, plunges his sword through Shao Lahn's skull. As he believes the ordeal to be finally over, the sword slowly comes out of the Emperor's head as he refuses to die once more. Shao Kahn kills King Jerrod, though admits that he respect him and he had fought with honor. He keeps his soul and those of his entire council and generals and fuses them into Ermac

A 15 year old Kitana, protecting the last survivors, fights one last fight and sends Drahmin to Hell decapitating him with her fans, earning the respect of the Outworld army and that of Shao Kahn as he states no more Edenians will be harmed if they embrace his new religion. Edenians are promised a new Golden Age under the rule of Shao Kahn who makes a marriage union with Queen Sindel and gives her his word that she and her daughter will never be touched by him ever again. Rain betrays the last bastion of the Edenian Resistance. He is branded a traitor and forced to cover his face and assume his new identity- his MK9 bio card

Quan Chi tells Jade that thousands of years ago he was actually a count from Edenia, long before King Jerrod lived. He was introduced to dark magic by a very beautiful demon-witch (the same woman from Jade's ending). She corrupted his soul and made him sacrifice his wife and daughter to Lucifer in order to become a powerful sorcerer. After having done so, she still went back on her word and intended to kill him, but he mortally wounded her instead. Overcome with desperation, he traveled to the Netherealm to bring his wife and daughter back but learned that they don't belong to Lucifer and never have. They ascended to Heaven when he killed them. He then went to the gates of Heaven to retrieve them but was thrown down by the Gods and condemned to live in the Netherealm with the memory of what he had done. He vowed to obtain the power to brake the gates of Heaven and get them back. A young Jade reminded him of his daughter. She convinces him to poison all Mileena clones as this could allow Shao Kahn to kill and replace Kitana at any time. Knowing this is treason, Quan Chi frames Reiko for the deaths of the clones. He departs from Jade saying that they will not meet again and disappears from Shao Kahn's service, taking Ashrah with him. The attempts of the Emperor's shadow priests to create Mileenas end in grotesque failures. Without Quan Chi's assistance, the Emperor cannot retain the souls of the dead Outworld warriors so Drahmin and others are bound to the Netherealm

Shinnok has the 4 remaining Elder Gods weakened, right the way he wanted them. He goes to Earthrealm, home of 2 species: primitive human tribes and dominant saurians, as well as the center of the Universe, a place from which he can unleash a catastrophic event set to spread everywhere. The Elder Gods empower Raiden, Fujin and other gods to stop him. Tidal waves the size of continents form as much of the planet is destroyed. Preventing their fall over the few saurians and humans who survive gathered in the hard to destroy temples of Argus and Delia on Earth, the last cryomancers and their King come to help and freeze Shinnok's gigantic tidal waves, sacrificing themselves in the unprecedented freezing process. Shinnok is separated from the Amulet and the war is won.

2 lesser deities from the Heavens are allowed within the ranks of the Elder Gods in place of Shinnok and the deceased Goddess. Taven and Orin, buried deep beneath, survive the destruction unharmed. The few saurians left receive a new home from the Elder Gods in rich Zaterra. The Amulet is hidden in the newly constructed and hidden Temple of Elements. The Earth's shape, with its current continents, is established after the ravaging war and, in centuries, Edenian refugees come to different locations on the newly formed continents, in accordance with the multiregional origin of modern humans. They mix with the surviving primitive humans, bringing with them the Agricultural Revolution and tools for farming based on Edenian technology, but are now forced to rely only on technology, something they do not fully master, and cope without the magic of the gods who ensured rich crops and long lifespans. They also bring the religion in Gods, together with the story of the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. The last living cryomancer baby is brought to Earth after the genocide of his entire race and he is raised in a community in the far east (later China). Raiden divides the human communities in order to ensure their survival. They populate the entire globe, one settling in the west and being the ancestors of native-Americans (Nightwolf)

Daegon infiltrates the palace and visits Kitana one last time, intent on killing her, but cannot bring himself to. He realizes his mistakes and they forgive each other. He can't stay at her side as he has caused the doom of his people and is a broken man. She tearfully promises that she will search for him every morning at sunrise, from her balcony, although she knows he will never return.
After a while, Kitana stands by the window in her palace room as masses bow below to the new God Emperor Shao Kahn. He informs them that the Elder Gods have proposed a truce, he shall keep the souls that his army had won but be bound by Mortal Kombat in invading other realms. He has challenged Earthrealm to Mortal Kombat, to the horror of Sindel. He says that together they will make the greatest, richest and most beautiful empire the world had ever seen, far surpassing the beauty of Edenia under the royal family's dynasty. Kitana, walking to her great balcony, looks towards the sun, but knows that Daegon is never coming back. She touches her belly and knows she is with child...
(she's 10000 years old, it would be normal if did she did have at least a child at some point)
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