i expected him to be a black man, ahaha!
Human Cyrax in MK9 looks like Human Sektor in Defenders Of The Realm. Black guy with dreadlocks. Defenders Of The Realm was made before Sektor's human form was identified and possibly Cyrax's too.
On a side note I think it is time Cyrax and Sektor were given names like Smoke, Sub-Zeros and Scorpion.
Maybe those are their nicknames. I can't imagine a Chinese boy being named Sektor.
As humans, they were techy gadget using ninjas, so their nicknames reflect that. Or I could be completely wrong and Vogel actually wants us to believe they were named that
I am thinking those are their nicknames too. Cyrax was born in Botswana so I've read. Give him an African name and Sektor a Chinese one.
Btw I missed Cyrax's net move in DA and don't know why they dropped that one.
Cyrax, deifinitely a guy i enjoyed playing. he had that classic internal conflict going on, Loyalty to the Lin Kuei vs his Moral Consciousness. I hope he makes his return in MKX. I would be nice to see what he did to finally decide to leave the Lin Kuei and be marked for death.

Can only imagine how his look would be this time around!
I think he would look Super Bad Ass if he looked like this
tumblr_n1pqfdgLXE1tqy76ko1_1280 (2).jpg
Can only imagine how his look would be this time around!
I think he would look Super Bad Ass if he looked like this
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Wow, now this is one amazing design! Where is it from? I also hope that we will see Cyrax in MKX. He has always been my favorite cyborg. This design is like his MK3 and MK9 costume combined. I like the fact that there is no metal on his arms, it looks more ninja than his MK9 costume.
Cyrax has kicked ass since his debut in MK3 for me. I remember picking him solely because he was yellow, and cured my longing for Scorpion until UMK3.

Great story as time goes on in the series, too. Great character!
Substance Ideas?

Cyrax arguably boasts the coolest self-destruct feature/mortality attack in the history of the MK franchise. This makes Cyrax a terrific complement to Erron Black, the outlander-type 'cowboy wanderer' prone avatar.

In fact, a Cyrax vs. Erron Black confrontation makes for decent 'war-mindedness origins storytelling,' no?


ERRON BLACK: It's funny you and I would contend...
CYRAX: You come from mercenaries!
ERRON BLACK: Maybe...but you're a robot.
CYRAX: Your sense of humor won't save you...
ERRON BLACK: No, but your stiffness will!
CYRAX: Very funny. Our rivalry may endure...
ERRON BLACK: "I wish I was a robot."
CYRAX: We'll see if flesh is stronger than bone...
ERRON BLACK: You self-destruct better than you retort!