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Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 650 lbs.
Resides: Earthrealm

In Mortal Kombat 3, Cyrax was working for the Lin Kuei. He appeared alongside his partners Sektor and Smoke on the order to track down and kill a renegade member of the Lin Kuei clan, the younger Sub-Zero. This Sub-Zero had disagreed with the decision to convert all its members into cyborgs and left the clan. He was thus marked for death by the grandmasters.

During the invasion of Earthrealm by Shao Kahn and his minions, Sub-Zero defeated Cyrax and reprogrammed him with orders to destroy Shao Kahn. However, Kahn was defeated by the other Earthrealm warriors before Cyrax had a chance to do so. As a result of his reprogramming, he awaited new orders. When these never came, he malfunctioned and wandered until becoming mired in the middle of a vast desert. In Mortal Kombat Gold, Cyrax was recovered and repaired by the Lin Kuei. However, he appeared somehow different than when first constructed. The short-handed clan again sent Cyrax into battle with his fellow cyborg Sektor assigned to monitor him.

After Shinnok's defeat, it became apparent that Cyrax had begun to experience flashbacks of his former life. Special agents Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs brought him to the Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA) headquarters and used its technology to restore his humanity. Grateful for their help, Cyrax joined the OIA as a scout in the realm of Outworld.
During the events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Cyrax was ambushed by the Oni Moloch and Drahmin. After driving the two demons off, he became stranded in Outworld. His arm console, which allowed him to return to Earthrealm, was damaged in a surprise attack by Reptile orchestrated by the vampire Nitara. He managed to drive off Reptile as well with his Slice and Dice buzzsaw attack. A short time later, he encountered Nitara. She offered to help him return home in exchange for his aid in recovering a lost artifact. They traveled to the underground chamber that housed the egg of the Dragon King. There, Cyrax submerged himself in the lake of molten lava and discovered the orb that would separate her world from Outworld. With it now in her possession, she honored her promise to Cyrax.

In Cyrax's Armageddon ending, he defeats Blaze and is filled with elemental power that shatters his robot form and makes him human once again. Siding with Sub-Zero, he defeats Sektor and Smoke. Sektor and Smoke are reprogrammed by the Lin Kuei and are held until they too regain their human forms

Signature Moves
Energy Net (MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKG, MK 2011)
Detonator (MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKG, MK:DA, MK:A, MK 2011)
Exploding Teleport (MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKG, MK:A, MK 2011")
Air Throw (MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKG, MK 2011)
Funky Spin Kicks (MK:DA, MK:A)
Slice And Dice (MK:DA, MK:A, MK 2011)
Arm Saw (MK:2011)
X-Ray Move: Cyber Pile-Driver (MK 2011)

Self-Destruct (MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKG)
Spinning Head (MK3, UMK3, MKT)
Armageddon (MKG)
Grinder (MK:DA)
Armsaw Asunder (MK2011)
Alpha Energy Net (MK: 2011)

Other Finishers
Friendship: Do the Charleston (MK3, UMK3, MKT)
Animality: Cyber-Jaws (MK3, UMK3, MKT)​
Best MK3 fatalities other than Sektor. Killer dreadlocks, thats what its all about.
My Favortie Cyborg in the Game....

"Major Briggs, Sonya Blade......Shao Kahn will be pleased"

Jax: Shaooo what!? LMAO
Sorry Guy, Story wise there isnt much to Sektor other than to do the Lin Kuei's Bidding

But I also like the color red, soo Sektor's cool too lol
Sektor is the evil robot. The only one who wanted to be automated. A reckless killing machine with more ammo than morals.
one of my favorite characters, but in this new mk his net doesnt pull his enemies towards him. i dont mind it but i found it strange they changed it.
His net makes a weird ass sound too. I cringe whenever I hear it. Its not bad, but just weird I guess.
Not a big cyrax fan but he seems to be getting better as a character
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I've always just liked Cyrax, I didn't love him until MK:DA.
His Garbage Disposal fatality will always be engraved in my mind.
definately my fav cyborg even tho i envied sektor for getting the teleport punch, but thats aight cause cyrax gots the net, most memorable cyborg move
I love Cyrax but as pretty much every other MK character, he looked way worse when MK started with 3D. In MK3 it was a real person portraying him and it showed, no cartoon ********. Same with Sektor
^I thought he looked great in the 3D games. My opinion. Well. Cyrax is an awesome kharacter overall. Sektor is better for me but Cyrax is a very memorable kharacter. I like how in MK9 the net doesn't pull the enemy toward you. That BS was so cheap in MKT.

I love Cyrax and his killer dreadlocks.
Cyrax is the best MK character, and he has some of the best fatatalites ever. I really didn't like the way he looked in MK9 though.
Cyrax is awesome and has the better variety of weaponry amoung the cyborgs. In MK3 his teleport where he explodes and reassembles behind the opponent is so awesome! It's similar in the new MK and probably more effective in my opinion. The bombs can trap enemies and the net is best, if it gets'em you can teleport across the screen if you have to for a kombo. His donkey kick in the new game is cool, but the spinning kick he had in Deadly Alliance was more insane. It's neat he can grab guys from the air, and the saw was a nice addition that's stuck since Deadly Alliance (Unless it was in Gold, I never played).