Cyrax, Smoke, and Sektor meet IG-88


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This is a short Mortal Kombat/Star Wars Crossover fanfic I decided to do because I was bored, expect plot holes.

Smoke, Cyrax, and Sektor are seen inside the the Lin kuei temple talking to each other.

"So yeah why are we here again?" Sector asked

"I have no idea, but I have a feeling that something cool is gonna happen any second now." replied Cyrax

"Yeah I have this feeling to, hey hand me a beer." said Smoke. Sektor reached for the mini cooler and grabbed a can of beer and handed it to Smoke. "Thanks man." Smoke said as he opened up the beer and began to drink it.

Just then a portal came out of no where, Cyrax and Sektor stood up in fighting positions (Except Smoke, who was still drinking the beer) and then, what looked like some kind of robot stepped out, holding what appered to be a blaster rifle in one hand, a flamethrower in the other. And then out of no-where, Smoke jumped up and spat all of his beer onto Sektor with a suprised and excited look on his face.

"OH MY GOD, IT'S IG-88!!!!!!!!!" He shouted. Sektor, who looked like he was about ready to kill Smoke, said in a forced calm voice "Who?"

"IG-88!" Shouted Smoke "He's the galaxies most notorious droid bounty hunter, and one of my favorite characters!"

Sektor and Cyrax stood there for a few moments before Cyrax said with an annoyed tone in his voice "Have you been watching Star Wars again?"

"No!.........Yes." Smoke said with his head down "But that's not what this is about, IG-88 what are you doing here?"

It took a few moments before the bounty hunter said "I have come here to fight you."

Sektor, Cyrax, and Smoke all got it to there fighting positons. "Hey Smoke I thought you said he was you favorite character?" Cyrax asked.

"He is, but no one challenges me." Smoke replied

IG-88 then began to laugh "Fools you think we will fight here? No were gonna fight somewhere that gave many people who played shadows of the empire at a young age nightmares..........most notebly, the author."

Then out of no-where, the author of the story jumped in "That's right you d**k, ever since I fought you on Ord Mantell, I've always been scared to go downstairs at night for a midnight snack, I always have to keep telling my self that there's no such thing as a IG-88." The author then jumped out.

"OOOOkay?" said Sektor, "Silence fool, now we fight!" IG-88 said and then a huge portal came out of no-where and all four of them were sucked through.

The next moment they were in a junkyard. "Oh god not this place!" Smoke said with a worried look on his face. Then creepy robot sounds were heard.

"Dammit, this is bringing back bad memories, I need more beer." Smoke said as he began to drink.

"Who's that?" Cyrax asked, pointing at the man to there left. Smoke then spat his beer all over the man, With another excited look on his face.

OH MY GOD, IT'S DASH RENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!" Smoke shouted. The man looked over at Smoke with an angry look on his face.

"What the hell?!" Dash shouted. Cyrax quickly got in between the two, "Don't mind him, he's just an overly excited fanboy, like the author." The author then jumped back in and him and Smoke said "Am not!" at the same time before the author jumped back out.

"Who the hell is that guy?" Sektor asked, the other 3 ignored his what he said while Dash said "Oh I see, anyway who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Were assassins for a ninja clan, and what are YOU doing here"? Cyrax said. Before Dash could reply Smoke said "coming here looking for IG-88 in order to get information on where Boba Fett is."

Dash had a bewildered look on his face "How did you know?" he asked. Before Smoke could reply, IG-88 came out of no-where, startling Smoke and causing Smoke to punch the Droid's head off.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Smoke shouted, kneeling over IG-88's body.

"Smoke, you do realize that he was trying to kill us right?" Sektor asked.

"I know." Smoke said as he began to cry.

"So why are you sad over his death? I mean I know he's your favorite character but come on." said Sektor

"I never got his autograph!" Smoke said crying even louder. Then suddenly Smoke stopped crying.

"Wait a minute, this is only IG-88D, my favorite IG-88 is IG-88A, whew that was a relief." Smoke said

"Whoa Whoa Whoa hold on a second, now that this IG-88 is dead, I'll never find Boba Fett." Dash said

"Oh Boba Fett is on the Zhar System." Smoke replied.

"How did you know that?" Dash asked, but before Smoke could reply, a portal appered with the Lin Keui temple on the other side. "Well that's are ticket home, see you around Dash." Smoke said as him, Cyrax, and Sektor jumped through, after a few seconds, the portal closed, leaving a confused Dash.

"Well it's a blind lead, but it's all I got." Dash said before looking down, noticing the beer can at his feet and picking it up.

"Hey, that grey guy left his drink here, oh well." Dash said before throwing it away.

"Welp, RENDAR AWAY." Dash shouted and jumped and tripped over IG-88D's body and landing in a pile of junk.

"Ouch" Dash said

Oh man if you would have put more time in this it would make for one hell of an adventure story.
Ah well
Oh yes it would be definentally an awesome story. Please fix the dialogue to be more like the character's personalities.
It would be way more believable that way. Hope you continue though.
Well I mostly intended this to be a short humor story (reliving som good ol' childhood memories) but if you want me to continue I probably will.
Well we can see that it is a short story. We're just saying it has the potential to be an epic MK/Star Wars crossover adventure :)