Cyrax is in the desert level??


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In the art book it says for the Desert level section "Don't forget about cyrax, look closely and you just might find him" Can anyone confirm this?
Is he on the far left side of the level half-buried in the sand? That's where he was in one of the older games.
yes he is i can confirm this. sometimes he appears sometimes he doesnt which leads me to think that there might be a secret there but yeah he does apper sometimes on the faaaaar left of the map half buried in the sand
yes, he is defiantly there. He has his Mk3 outfit on and it looks amazing. Maybe classic outfit for Cyrax? who knows.
Sorry for the crappy pic. I took it with my phone but yeah he is on the far left at times

No, he's too smoothed-out and his model sucks. It was obviously just a quick little model to put in there.

Someone needs a chill pill. It's like the "Slaves" in Kahns arena, they look a little weird but its still awesome Cyrax is in there.
i agree...cyrax and sektor are lame in mk9 as far as design goes..and that model doesnt need much to be a winner

anyone try any button presses when you see him?
first time i saw this i was like "dang, that motherf***** is still stuck in that sand trap, he been there since i was 8"