Cyrax and Kenshi's first fatalities has differences to consoles


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Kenshi's first fatality on consoles is, he smashes player 3 times to screen then divide into 2 vertically, but in VITA, he divide into 2 horizontally directly from head to down. Also cyrax's first fatality has little bit different physics, when he kicks, player shatters include legs. In PS3, just top of the player shatters but not legs.
They should've made some fatalities look better, if they didn't mind to change other. Meaning some really lame ones like Cyber-Sub's and Kratos'
i noticed something else as well. smokes tremor cuts the head in the mouth but now its a fact any fatality that involved being cut at the jaw is now At the neck.hence kitana,rain and smoke
Cheaper effects then... that's a shame.

It's not so much "cheaper" but what they can fit on the disc. Moving the severing point allows them to re-use it and keep game storage down. I'd rather them do that than cut a character completely because of game space.

I'm going to do some videos of the changes next week.

So to recap changed finishing moves are:
Cyrax's 1st
Kenshi's 1st
Kitana's Fan to Face
Smoke's Tremor
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Oh next time when an opponent's arms are sliced off, they should looked sliced off and not ripped off. For insteance, when Kitana slices her victim's arms off with her fans, the bones are still sticking out. It doesn't look cool. I'd be ok with the bones sticking out if it was an arm rip such as Jax's. That's my suggestion for any future patch or in the future of MK.