Cyber Shao Khan?!


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I may be slowly becoming a fan of CSZ, but this is a retarded ending. I expected something a bit cooler (No pun intended).


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Good, Cyber Shao Kahn, you look kind of cool :laugh:

But yeah, I highly doubt this is going to be canon as well.


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It kinda looks like CSZ is "The new king" or like he is possesed by Kahn. Kinda how Baraka becomes the new ruler in MK2 when u win with him. IDK. I thought it looked pretty cool.

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You do realize these are just arcade endings, right? Most of these just aren't going to happen, especially Cyber Subby's:

After Sindel killed him, I guess. Quan Chi now controls him along with many others that died in the story. And also, Shao Kahn was still "alive" when Sindel killed Sub-Zero...

So this definitely isn't true.


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NRS must have a hard on for cyber people.

of course they do. they probably had to surrender a portion of their soul to keep smoke human instead of making him a stupid robot. I like the robot characters that are always robots. Don't give me the opportunity to play a cool character then make him into a machine.