Custom Scorpion Toasty BBQ Shirt Available Today Only

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T-Shirt designer <a href=""> WinterArtwork Illustrations</a> has a custom Scorpion inspired T-Shirt available on <a href=""></a> for $10 and is available for <b>TODAY ONLY</b>. The shirt features a great parody of a Scorpion themed restaurant with the famous "Get Over Here" catch phrase. The shirt is a follow up to the <a href="">Frosty Treats</a> shirt that he designed last year.

Also be sure to follow the instructions on <a href=""></a> for a chance to win a set of Toasty BBQ sticker packs.

If you like the shirt design, the artist also made available some free <a href="">wallpapers</a> to dress up your computer and mobile devices. Click the image below to download them!

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Tell us would you eat at Scorpion's "Toasty BBQ Shack?"

<b>Update 4/1/2011</b>: <a href=""> WinterArtwork Illustrations</a> tells us this was their most successful t-shirt yet, so because of that it's been made <a href="">available over at RedBubble</a> for $24 and you get your choice of T-Shirt colors. They also sent word that their Frosty Treats shirt is <a href="">available at Split Reason</a> for $19 each.
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im buying it too . i suggested some mk shirt yesterday on the site i wonder if they listened to me? anyway i plan to wear this on the midnight release
I already have the Hospitality shirt, back back low punch shirt, and plan on getting one of the newer official MK9 shirts, so I decided not to pick this one up. However, since they were only $10, I ordered a couple for some friends that like Scorpion. They'll make for a nice surprise gift come release day/night.

I would totally eat at Scorpion's BBQ Shack.
I bought the hell out of this! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Pat. :)

And yes, I would eat at Scorpion's BBQ Shack. Extra spicy.
Ah damn, you mean I could've gotten it in black if I waited a day? Oh well, I guess one non-black shirt won't kill me.