Create your own Injustice 2 intro dialogues


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Just create what intro dialogues you wish were in the game. I will keep editing this as time goes by.

Supergirl : Forget your past Kal-El
Superman : I can't I killed Billy he was just a kid.
Supergirl : You weren't yourself get over it.

Atrocitus : If you don't join us your planet will die.
Green Lantern : I am not joining the Red Lanterns ever.
Atrocitus : Then your puny planet shall die.

Batman : You are under Brainiacs mind control device.
Aqua Man : Lies I will shut you up for Atlantis.
Batman : You will not be the one who kills me.

Bane : Gorilla Grodd needs us Ivy
Poison Ivy : Then we shall deliver our duty to him.
Bane : Yes by destroying Batman and his allies.

Doctor Fate : I have changed many pasts and futures yours was a mistake.
Robin : What the hell do you mean ?
Doctor Fate : I mean it wasn't you who killed Dick it was Scarecrow.

Cheetah : You think you can save this world Diana.
Wonder Woman : Yes from creatures like you.
Cheetah : I promised to kill you now it is time.

Cyborg : Being bad sucked.
Blue Beetle : Well being upgraded doesn't suck.
Cyborg : Let's train you silly kid.

Deadshot : Let's be serious I am cool.
Harley Quinn : Bats is cooler than you.
Deadshot : It's a shame that I have to silence you.

The Flash : You and your Society is no match for us.
Gorilla Grodd : We will prove our strength is greater than yours.
The Flash : Don't confuse me with Superman Grodd.

Captain Cold : Ice and Machine this can work.
Brainiac : What are you rambling about human ?
Captain Cold : That we make a good team.

Black Adam : So you like the color black.
Black Canary : Well not just black but I am also a Black Lantern.
Black Adam : Interesting give me that ring.

Darkseid : My old lackey greets me.
Scarecrow : I am no lackey of yours I am much more.
Darkseid : Prove that you are useful and you will live.

Catwoman : How are you alive Joker ?
Joker : I fooled you and superman with my Joker bot.
Catwoman : Well this cat will not let you have a second life.

Firestorm : I will warm you up.
Mr. Freeze : I will cool you down.
Firestorm : Victor you will change the world.

Swamp Thing : I found you and revived you.
Green Arrow : Thanks buddy.
Swamp Thing : Now we can bring justice to our enemies.
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Everyone: You're not in this game.
Swamp Thing: (doesn't say anything because he's not in the game)

Everyone: You're not in this game.
Nightwing: (doesn't say anything because he's not in the game)
Me: *weeps*
Batman : Jason stop it.
Red Hood : Bruce I never liked you.
Batman : I am armoring up to stop you.

Superman : You want to be me huh.
Bizarro : Me are you villain.
Superman : You are too pale to be me.

Joker : A sword how nice.
Robin : It is nice to slice you with.
Joker : Jokes are only funny when I say them Damien.

Harley Quinn : My friend is alive yay!
Black Canary : Yes Harleen I am back.
Harley Quinn : Let's tease Oliver some more.

Flash : You can't win Zoom.
Reverse Flash : You are not fast enough to beat me.
Flash : Yes I am professor.