Crazy Idea.......


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What if that poster is legit, but has nothing to do with a game at all. Might it be possible that MK vs. DC Universe is a direct to DVD movie. Even if this is not the case, something fishy is going on, why else would there be a press embargo until tonight. Why not just show the game last night. Boon and the MK team have been masters at doing this. Maybe tonight we will see the MK8 we had hoped for.
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i hope so, im leaning that way.

After being pissed off for a while, i actually thought about it and it isnt even possible that they make this game, nothing makes any sense.

I think that boon is buddies with dc or something and they are just teaming up to market eachothers games.

The real MK8 will live on!!!!!
OMG, if that would happend and its just a picture and not Actually the game they have been working on for 3 years, that would wake me up from the nightmare im having with this. Nounou
Too bad the official website shows the PS3 and Xbox 360 logos. Yeah, we're ****ed.

sad, well ill most likely never be coming back to this site unless they announce something good about this game. I have absolutely zero interest in fighting with stupid batman or superman. God im pissed. They dont even have fatalities, what is batman going to take out his gay grappling hook and superman going to do everything because hes a ****ing god. This sucks. Im going to play deception, last good Mortal Kombat game.

Worst day ever.