cool wallpapers?


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HI! i am brand new too this forum and MK! MK9 will be my first MK game call me a noob all ya want :p but ive been creepin on the forums for a while and decided to post you guys seem very nice :) im just looking for some high def wallpapers for MK can be a specific char or can not be doesn't matter i do like nightwolf and subzero though hint hint :p thanks for the help :)
Welcome to the forums and welcome to the series.

You'll like MK.

I was thinking about making some custom wallpapers at school. If I do, I'll try and send a Nightwolf one your way.
okay :D thanks! hey anything you can offer would we sweet i just want a really nice one for my nice high def monitor ;P
I mean dimensions. Do you know what the exact resolution is for your PC? Like, an example would be 1900 x 1200