Concerning Skarlet ALT, Nekropolis & other DLC Kombatants


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Ok so its to my understanding that Skarlet has an alternate costume cuz I seen it on Youtube but the vid was taken down. Does anyone here know how we can access it? It's pretty annoying that I paid good money to not get her ALT. Dont say beat the Arcade ending cuz I already did on Medium...

Ok so why dont DLC fighters get their own section and how come I cant view her ending and check up on my stats.

Other DLC Kombatants
So what does this mean for Kenshi, Rain, and the 4th character? Are we going to have these same issues as well. Cuz that would be a pain in the a$$. I'd also be disappointed if the DLC characters dont have any alternate costumes. Thats like not giving them a 2nd fatality.
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I hope its just a bug that gets fixed soon because I'm really liking how Skarlet plays and that alt. looked alot better than her main and this thread should be in the Skarlet discussion thread


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Well, as to the Nekropolis, considering Skarlet not appearing in it, it very well could be that it was only intended as a way to check up on your Mastery progress, and as such, if DLC characters don't count towards that, then they wouldn't be present. It'd be nice if they were, but I kind of doubt it would happen. They'd have updated the Nekropolis in the last update if they planned it, but they didn't

The leaks that were out a while back did have an alternate for Skarlet, but they were still incomplete. Obviously they had created an alternate, but for whatever reason, it wasn't included in her final version. Just like how there is less blood in her Blood Bath fatality than there was in the leak. It really sucks her alternate wasn't included, as I thought it was amazing, and hopefully some day it will be, but right now, it's just not there for whatever reason.


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Thing is she should have been given a spot in Nekropolis if only so we can view her ending without allways having to beat the Ladder. I wouldn't be surprised if we see an update either via patch or even with the next DLC.


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I hope someone asks Boon about this on twitter. I mean I don't want to seem ungratful cuz I think she's a great addition to the roster but these are simple requests for a DLC character that we all paid money for. In my case I bought the whole season based for 1200 points.


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She is a great addition, but, why not she having her own Nekropolis spot, alternate costume and stats, as eveyone else ?

NRS delivering a incomplete product is unfair, so, if they want DLC to be a successful thing, they should please the fans with these minimum requirements ..... otherwise, they will pass image that they are lazy as hell, totally mercenaries $$, and , want all our money and **** off all of us ..... and all we ask now are fixing this shit, that's all.

Would like to know what Ed Boon and Hector Sanchez could say about this minor fail in DLC ........