Completing Challenge #300 with Flawless victory on every round.


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I remember hearing one of the developers saying that they would love to see somebody beat "End Game" with just 1 life bar and flawless victory. So I was wondering if this would lead to an extra secret or unlockable in the game? Discuss and let me know if anybody has done this yet. Also has anyone thought of completing challenge #300 with every single character + Flawless victory every round?
I'm just trying to beat it without the life regeneration. I don't think it is possible to get a flawless on there with the way Mileena likes to play...
I don't think is even possible.

How could you predict Mileena's moves? The teleport drop, you can at least block that move, but impossible to be avoided. There's no way.

Even avoiding it by using Scorpion or Ermac, those who can teleport, she'll block it.
Pretty sure is possible just very hard or unlikely to happen. I for one haven't even reached the top of the tower yet, so i'd definitely try it out once I reach it.
I'll do it once I get to 300 <_< I'm on challenge 17.

I double flawless'd Shao Kahn and Kintaro in expert on my first run so I have a chance!
People have a hard time getting a double flawless on Shang Tsung on beginner! Now, you're asking people to try and kill 4 kharacters including Shao Kahn on EXPERT without getting hit or blocking ONCE. That right there is impossible. There, done :)
You only get one life bar, so it's not like they give you full health after each fighter. I don't even use Mileena, so beating challenge 300 was a waste for me. I really wish they would of given me something cool besides a trophy for completing challenge tower and krypt.
I think its impossible to get a flawless on Challenge 300. Even if you block Mileena's teleport, you still take damage, which I believe means no flawless. You would have to predict (accurately) when she does teleport, use your own teleport, hope she doesn't block (and if she does, doesn't punish) and then do a hardcore combo on her to kill her. Now you have to get a flawless on the rest of the crew. Impossible on Expert.
Goro, Kintaro and Kahn are push-overs.

Its Mileena that'll **** you over.

Which I still find to be amusing. You fight three boss characters and they're the easiest ones. I know it's true and it still sounds weird lol.
not impossible at get a percent of regen when you beat an opponent. When I did the 300 I almost did it flawless with out thinking about/ trying 2 etc....
I can do the first two flawless and Khan occasionally (where occasionally translates into once)

But Mileena... oh Mileena, >_<
It's crazy how hard End Game was the very first time I played it.

I think I couldn't even get past Kintaro.

However, with experience now, I don't think someone can.

I'd like to see a video of someone flawlessing (not a word, but what the heck) all 4 of them!
I'll do it once I get to 300 <_< I'm on challenge 17.

I double flawless'd Shao Kahn and Kintaro in expert on my first run so I have a chance!

You double flawlessed Shao Kahn and Kintaro....on expert....your very first time playing them ever on expert?

4 flawlesses in a row your very first time without knowing their patterns? You should either be a pro gamer, or picking lottery numbers for a living.

Sorry but that is complete shenanigans and I'm calling it.

Also, I've read a couple of people say "Challenge Tower" and "Expert" together. I don't recall that there is a set difficulty for the Challenge Tower. I know in options you can set the difficulty for Story Mode, but I don't recall seeing one you can set for Challenge Tower. Its been a while since I went through that something you choose at challenge 1 (similar to how you choose your difficulty for Arcade Ladder after selecting a character)??

As for the flawless on all four characters goes....we'll see it eventually. But someone is going to have to sink a LOT of time into it and/or catch some lucky breaks.

Also to people saying they flawlessed Kintaro. Curious as to your strategy. I use cross jump/uppercut on him and that gets me through him with no damage on good runs, except for his ground fireball. I find that when he does that attack he absorbs uppercuts and immediately turns around for the rest of his ground fireballs while you're still defenseless in the uppercut animation.

Just wondering how you predict and/or deal with that particular attack?
I'd love to see it.

Am I gonna try? Hell no. I beat the challenge tower and good enough for me.

Doesn't say anything for Flawless Victory on any of the fights in challenge tower, so don't know how it'd recognize it, but hey if someone can do it sweet.

I got hit once or twice by Goro and Kintaro, than Mileena was a pain in the ass. As for Shao Kahn, jumped over, uppercut. He kept going for a hammer swing, so was bit easy. This was also after retrying so many times, and got the health regen thing going on. Jax sure works good for this challenge.