Completed Templates

Malitor Greymaulkin

TRMK Super Moderator
With my new template system, I've completed the character rosters for the following games:





I'm working on the Deadly Alliance character templates now.. I will be doing Alt Costumes also for MKDA, MKD and MKA.

MKDA preview:

Let me know what you guys think!!!


Looking good, Mal. Scorpion in the MK3 one has too many patches on his vest though.

leave it to me to find something to nit-pick :p

Are we going to see some killer ani's with these sometime, or are they just for the fun of doing every character?


New member
Pretty much all the UMK3 ones look just plain awesome. And I'm LOVING that Frost. The MKII chicks and Tsung look good...but I don't like the patching on the ninjas.

Malitor Greymaulkin

TRMK Super Moderator
If you want to get technical, the hairstyles on the MK3 chicks doesn't match that particular game.. Those were actually done before I had a 100% idea of what direction I was going.

I'm hoping to have some animation on some of these, but that takes a really long time even with the awesome templates that I have. I'm mainly going to use these for comic type stuff. :)