Combo tips


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Just really started playing MK3 and MK Trilogy now as I lost interest in the series after spending my childhood fortune on MK2, lol. I was just wondering if there are any tips and tricks to doing combos in MK3? I try to rapidly press the appropriate buttons for a characters combo and every now and then I will spit out the whole combo. I am mainly focusing on 4 hits and above. This is practicing against a two player opponent that is motionless. When I play against the computer I sometimes can pop out 4 hits and above but this is using Sub Zero after I have froze someone, I am having a difficult time doing combos against the computer and sometimes the motionless opponent off the the run.

Is it just practice or is there any tips that make it easier to do?
Just take your time to get them down smoothly. I used to have a hard time with the longer ones (especially Liu Kang's and I still can't get Jax's 7-hit consistently) because I would rush to get the inputs in. There's a bit of timing to it, but as long as you get the input in before the preceding one connects, it should continue the combo all the way through.
I usually use Cyber Smoke. I use his telport uppercut, then his spear, then a combo attack. It gives off 40% if done correctly. If you can jumpkick someone in the air and then do the teleport uppercut, you can add an extra 16% damage to the combo.
I would recommend keeping a rhythm and never press a button twice unless necessary. Always do the combos one button press a hit. Some speed is useful too
The best way to do things is to constantly do the combos, and improve by trying to do harder combos. I've seen youtube videos and people do combos I've never seen before.
Sub-Zero's 6-hit combo is Y,Y,B,A,X,X IIRC. His air to ground freeze is forward Y (I think) and his freeze at opponent is forward B.
He is the only one I could beat Shao Kahn with (you can't freeze Motaro either just to let you know).
Kabal's LK, LK, HP, HP, D+HP, jump kick, Fireball is perhaps one of the best to practice to master juggling.

There is a particular rhythm to get the hang of, but once you do - it's like a whole new level of gameplay. Jax still has the hardest kombos overall IMHO.