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I don't have the game yet, but I plan to be doing a PS3 roadmap/trophy guide for the game. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a few trophies already a certain way:

To get Tower Master (Complete all tower challenges) do you have to beat all 300 challenges or can you skip some?

To get Where's the Arcade (Beat arcade mode with fighter) can you get the trophy by doing it on tag team ladder?

Can you get Robots Rule! (Tag team ladder with _robots_ Sektor and Cyrax) as Human Sektor and Human Cyrax?

License To Kill (Complete Fatality Trainer). What is involved in this? Do you need to do everyone's first fatality or just any one fighters first fatality?

Fatality! (Perform a fatality) Can this be achieved in Fatality Trainer as the first one you practice?

Is there any tracker for backwards/forwards throws for The Grappler (Perform every fighter's forward and backwards throws) or who you've done arcade mode with for Arcade Champion (Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters)

Does Tag Team Ladder count if you are going for Arcade Champion, for first player, second player, or neither? (Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters)

Can you get Luck Be A Lady (Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck) on a two reel Test Your Luck for easy achievement/trophy?

Thanks in advance. Any strategies for _any_ of the trophies/achievements would be appreciated also.
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Apparently you need to beat all 300 challenges and not buy any out to earn the achievement of tower master