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Does anybody know what the deal is with this picture? It is from MK4:



I assume it is from the ending. Maybe Jax's? Looks like he is gonna throw Jarek off a cliff. Pretty silly.
It's Jax ending from MK4 allright look here

and the N64 port is like this as seen on the image you posted

When Jarek falls into the cliff he sounds like Raiden flying:laugh:
I love how jax jarek and sonya pretty much shared the same ending only a different outcome pretty much.

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Man, that was such an awesome game. Maybe if the rights to the old games are ever resolved, WB will consider selling it on XBL and PSN.
Their isnt a problem with the rights to that game, the problem lies with the emulation of the actual arcade version.
Only if by "awful" you mean "awfully entertaining".

Sure, they're bad, but they're awesomely bad and endlessly comical.
I think the worst thing about MK4 was the "static" animations, and it even bled into the endings. It's like the whole game consisted of a buncha crackheads who were continuously pumped up. So over done.

Compared to MK 2 & 3, I'm pretty certain MK4 would bomb on XBL or PSN.
Compared to MK 2 & 3, I'm pretty certain MK4 would bomb on XBL or PSN.

not true. The fact the game hasnt been released on anything but the PS1, N64 and PC YEARS ago, it would do just fine. We just need emulated, period.

Mortal Kombat 4 had Johnny Cage being pelted by tomatoes and whatnot at an awards show.

What's not to love about that?

very true. anytime Johnny gets shat on, i'm down
I overall hated the MK4 endings. There were a few I liked though. Quan Chi's was good, as was Tanya's, and both Sub-Zero and Scorpions were excellent. The new endings for MK:Gold were considerably more serious and I liked them much more.