classic tracks!! Yes u can!!

Barry Matharoo

New member
I know ps vita does not have the feature to play classic tracks
But there is still a way

first u need to rip the audio files from trilogy cd into mp3. It would be helpful if u tag the tracks after copying them. Give them some artist name like MK trilogy.

then copy them into the Vita. Next, Start the music player and select the mortal kombat tracks. Go to music and plat the tracks. Now pause the track and start the game. In the game turn the music volume to zero. In combat press the home button for 2 seconds. The menu for brightness will pop up. There press the play buttona and the tracks would start playing:bird: The volums will also be loud unlike the background tracks.
I swore classic tracks were still in here. Guess not, just tested them online. Just the one classic track That's too bad but it makes sense due to the limited space. The AR stage does have the classic Kombat Tomb music though, so that's something.