Classic Scorpion Costume


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Earlier I ran into a couple of tweets regarding the release of a picture of scorpion's classic costume via gamestop, has anyone seen it?

Below are the posts:

UmbrellaCon @MK_MortalKombat I just got a sheet here at GameStop that has the pic of the Scorpion klassic kostume, and it is pretty sweet.
MK_MortalKombat Mortal Kombat Yes. Later this week. RT @mkreptile8860: U retweeted something about a pic of the gamestop exclusive scorpion classic costume

Liu Kang93

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so this is wat people that pre order from gamestop are getting..... awesome glad i picked gamestop:)

Tim Static

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Nothing different from Reptile's klassic kostume, as expected of course. But it hella looks good.

Taj Gill

ORGASM!!! I cant wait to be able to pre order the kollectors edition from gamestop when its finally announced in canada. I wanna see the sub zero one now!


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I was hoping the fabric design would differ from Reptile's. But this is fine, I guess. I think I'm gonna preorder at Best Buy, though.


I don't know how this game is going to be released in Germany. I hope I can download all three classic ninja costumes in PS Store as DLC. I want all of them and I couldn't choose if I had to decide for only one of them!


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I'm in love with these classic costumes, they're going to cause mass nostalgia for me in the game. Seeing them immediately takes me back to the MK arcade era. Long live the palette swap :)


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Who's the ninja right after Noob? @_@

And I think I like Sub-Zero without his blue arms, he doesn't have them back then. As for Scorpion's klassic costume, I really thought it wouldn't be a direct color swap, maybe a change in the texture/pattern of the outfit. Anyway, that's fine with me. Klassic Kolor Swap!!


It's Tremor. I highly doubt he will be in the game

I am ok with the classic costumes but I think each ninja has to look like in the first game he appeared.
MK1: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile
MK2: Smoke, Noob Saibot (Different mask)
UMK3: Ermac, Rain (Splits on torso)


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Old school swap !! awesome... just awesome...

If and when the good stuff appears in Belgium/Europe, I would buy immediately