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[[ Chun-Li: Legendary But Lonely HD Remix is edited/updated version of my fan fiction. Some edits and altered dialogue to maintain better presentation. That's all! Enjoy! It's sorta a romantic comedy...and a dramatic story later on. It's just the crazy life of Chun-Li as I see it! ]]
Legendary but Lonely

5:30 AM

Another day closer to New Years. The alarm clock was beeping continuously. The noise was irritating, and even with such irritation, her body refused to move. She was so comfortable under her blankets. It was so cold outside that she was tempted to not leave the warmth of her bed. Though, she was forced to give in once one of her eyes spotted the time.

One hand came out from under her sheets and slapped the top of the alarm clock to stop it.

"Augh..." She groaned. Chun-Li retracted her hand and began to sit up in bed...alone as usual. Her bed was big enough for two, but one side of it was always cold, no matter the season. Unless she tossed and turned, of course. She was twenty eight years old. In good health and spirits, but she was always getting depressed with her age, and her marital status. She had always wanted children...and if things didn't change sooner or later, it would be too late for her.

It didn't seem likely things would change at all for her though. It was always her work first. She was helping families around the world. Protecting them so they would not have to go through what she did when she lost her father. She was reminding herself of this as she slid out of bed in her oversized white T-shirt that doubled as a gown.

The usual morning ritual was gone through with ease. All Chun-Li needed was her coffee, a little bit of the weather station, and then off to work she would go. Patrolling New York City until Interpol caller her up once again. She'd about an hour to get totally done.

S.I.N. was a branch of Shadaloo...this much she knew after Seth was dealt with. Though once she, Guile, Cammy, and Abel parted ways, she didn't get many updates from anyone on the situation, including from HQ.

Just as Chun Li was getting her mug for her coffee, she heard a knock at her front door. Who in the world could that be? Someone who bypassed the buzzer downstairs...traveled well over ten stories, and knocked on her door? "Coming," Chun-Li promised. She set her coffee mug down in her kitchen and went to her door. Hopefully this wasn't another fan who found her address. She'd have to move..again.

It was early. She didn't even consider asking who was at the door. With a yawn, Li's left forearm covered her mouth. Her eyes closed for a few moments as the door opened. "Hello there." She tried to be polite. Her eyes opened up. She froze. Her eyes went wider with absolute terror. She gasped, stepping back and grasping either of her covered ox horns.

"Hallo Chunnie!" A little old voice said.

"Grandmother!?"Chun-Li could not believe this unannounced visit! She panicked, looking from side to side, running to every corner of her living room to straighten things out! "It's so good to see you nǎi nai..!" Chun Li stood before her couch and kicked one of her romance novels under it with her heel.

"Yes yes! Good good! Ah, where are my grand babies?" She got right to the point, didn't she? The little old gray haired woman shuffled in with her cane, dragging her rolling suitcase behind her. She was fully dressed in a big coat, a scarf around her neck. Chun shut the door, but didn't respond immediately. She was busy dusting down an end table with her hand while her grandmother's back was turned.

"Uh..! I don't know, Grandmother Chao. I just haven't met the right guy yet." The age old excuse. Yeah, it was cute when she was nineteen. Not so much anymore.

"Ah." Chao took a seat on the couch carefully, placing her cane across her lap. "If you like gerls, Chunnie...I understand." Chao was sure that was the problem.

Chun Li's face reddened as she looked to her grandmother. "For the last time, grandma, I prefer men!" She mumbled between her teeth. She wanted to change the subject quickly, plus she had to get her coffee and head out on patrol. "So! How long are you in town, grandmother?" She sighed after her brief pause. Now in the kitchen, she was pouring herself a cup of coffee. Mixing in her sugars and creams.

"I am moving in, Chunnie," Chao heard Chun Li spit all the contents of her mouth out upon her pause. "I figure you so alone here in America, New York..., that family should be closer. not problem is it...?" Chao didn't hear anything from Chun Li in the kitchen. She hoped it wasn't bad she had arrived here in America. It was so costly to come! so many loopholes!

"....No, it's not a problem at all, grandma!" She finally spoke up, calmly sipping her coffee. She would feel guilty if her grandmother went through all that trouble just to be unwanted. "Make yourself at home. I have plenty to eat. I'm cooking dinner tonight, so don't you worry. We'll kick off our first day together with a nice meal." She tried to be optimistic, but now she'd have to deal with her nosy grandmother every day...

"Good! Good-Good!" Chao had now been in the kitchen. That scared the living hell out of Chun Li who nearly spat out her coffee again, but held her lips tight together. "So! Mission for the week is to find a date so I can have grandbabies! You've plenty male friends! Think of it!" Chao started to step behind Chun-Li, pushing her slowly out of the kitchen like she was a box.

"Mama! It's not that easy! Cut it out!" Chun Li started to step away from her, and toward her room at her own will to change. With her keys, badge, gear, and coat, she got ready to step outside the door. "I'll be back at five if I'm lucky. Again, make yourself at home, Grandma." She gave her a wave good-bye.

"Have a good day Chunnie! Xiè xiè nín! I will!"

The door was shut.

On Patrol

Chunners had shotgun in the squad car. She and her longtime Interpol partner Wallace were both put in the NYPD to keep a close eye on the city streets for any S.I.N., Shadaloo, and some more recent menace activities. Chun-Li didn't mind the job. She had the same side-job whenever she was in China for extended times. By her birthday in March, she was planning on moving back to Hong Kong and starting a martial arts school. It would be a good way to give the community youths a way to defend themselves from the horrors she had faced.

Her grandmother's words were roaming about her head, though...
I have plenty of male friends, she says. Yeah, they're all fighters too. Just because we have that in common doesn't mean we're meant to be. Augh...this route is so boring...

She gave a yawn. It didn't stop Wallace from enjoying his slice of pizza while they waited at the stop light. The snowfall never stopped New Yorkers. Chun Li should of been keeping a sharp eye, but she hadn't her usual amount of morning coffee.

What if I asked Wallace out?

She looked over to him, pigging out on his pizza.

No. I'm not that desperate. Besides, he's got a fiance, doesn't he? Never really asked.

Chun Li started to think further, just to pass time.

Most of the guys in the tournaments I was in would always be the first guys people would think of me with. I don't want to start there on my about...Terry Bogard? Hm.

Chun Li tapped her chin in thought, but suddenly became horrified with the images that came in her head. Her inner Terry was screaming at her.

"GET SERIOUS!!!" Inner Terry yelled, making Chun-Li feel small.

...No, maybe not Terry. Hm...well, a lot of people always say I should go for Ryu...but...I'm not sure why....

Flashback #1: Ryu Hoshi

I remember the one time I got to see him. I figured it was worth a shot since everyone kept saying we'd be so great together to me.

"Hey, Ryu!" Chun-Li called out, racing across the small bridge crossing the pond to catch up with him. "Hey!" She once again called out, standing before him as he turned.

"Chun Li, is something wrong?" Ryu asked. It seemed sparkles were fluttering around his entire body.

"No, nothing's wrong. I just wanted to thank you for your efforts against Bison. Though we lost Charlie...we gained so much information." Chun Li folded her arms behind her back. Business as usual, but she wanted to try and get to know this mysterious fighter a little better.

Ryu just nodded. He said not a word further.

"Oh," She didn't like awkward moments, so she continued the conversation. "Do you mind if I walk with you?"

Ryu gave another nod, and a smile. Those sparkles returned immediately. He walked with Chun Li along the bridge, back onto the streets. She had done most of the talking, explaining her problems with Bison, and a little about her background. She was hoping he would open up just as much to her as they walked on.

"So, that's my story..." Chun Li said, looking up toward the sky. It was orange out--the sun was sinking into the horizon."I thank you and Mister Masters were participants in the tournament. You both are truly remarkable." She praised them, and turned her head toward Ryu. He wasn't there. He was walking away from her. He was at least a good ten meters now. Those sparkles were gone. It was just like other people told her--Ryu was Ryu. The fight and the challenge meant everything to him.

Before things could even get started between them, they ended. Such a major turn off.


(The Present)

Nope...not Ryu. If I wanted a man to ignroe me and take me for granted, I'd be a serial dater by now. Who else is on the menu? Guile? He's married though.

Flashback #2: William Guile

All Chun-Li could see was Guile's eyebrow-less face staring at her.

"Go home ... and be..." He breathed so deeply that it was uncomfortable. After all, they were in traffic...and their conversation had suddenly become this... "A family man!" He barked at her.

The Present

...No thanks. I hope his wife doesn't have to deal with that.

Chun Li tapped the tops of her knees as they drove through the green light. She was still awfully bored.

Maybe Fei Long? He's a great martial artist. I am a big fan of his...but...

Flashback #3: Fei Long

Chun Li had been on set of one of Fei Long's recent Wushu epics. She hadn't met Fei Long before. There were rumors he was going to enter a tournament. Chun Li took her chance while on a mission to say hello to him.

"Mister Fei Long. It's a pleasure to meet you in person." Chun Li extended her hand toward Fei as he wiped sweat from his face with a towel.

"You are...?" He questioned as he took her hand to shake it.

"Chun Li Xiang. I'm a big fan of your work." She smiled, tilting her head to one side.

The ever busy Fei Long had heard the story a thousand times. "Thanks for appreciating my work, Miss Xiang." He started, but patted someone nearby on the shoulder. "Dan, you know Chun Li, right?" He said, easing Dan between he and Chun Li as he started to walk away. He had work to do.

"Hubba hubba!" Dan said, rubbing his hands together. "Does your chest hurt? 'Cause it's been bouncin' in my head all day long, baby!--Yeow!" He was cut off by a sudden palm beneath his chin. He fell back onto the floor in a heap. Chun Li puffed her cheeks at how rudely she was treated by Fei!

The Present

...He's a real loser, too. Oh well...I'm out of contenders I guess. Maybe Ken. I haven't seen him in years though. I wonder how he's doing. He was always so polite.

She gave a soft sigh in thought.

I never was able to take up that dinner offer....
Wait a minute! You wrote this story!? This is another one of my favorite stories :-D. I never bothered to look at who wrote it but I'm glad that I know now. Love this story
Thanks guys! I never knew so many people liked my stuff like this. Lol. I'm currently working on the latest installment for it...setting a record by updating 2 of my fics in one night. Lol
Chapter 2 ; The Meeting

( Flashback #4: Ken Masters )

It had been only hours after was forced defeated. Well, at least for the time being. Ryu had done away with him after Bison fled the warehouse where Charlie was killed. Chun Li had narrowly escaped the blast with Guile, and suffered some injuries. Weak, she and Guile tracked down Bison's location and joined in Ryu's struggle to overpower Bison who was begging for Ryu to release his 'Dark Hadou'.

The fight was awfully one-sided, despite the numbers game. Bison took a special sadistic liking of beating on Chun Li. That was until Ken Masters arrived to join the fight. Things started catching up on Bison with Ken and Ryu at the forefront. In the end, however, it was Ryu's Hadouken that sent Bison away.

Again, this was just hours after that epic battle. Chun Li had checked out of the hospital early, as many fighters did. She exited out of her room, bandage on her cheek, leg bandaged up around her mid thigh, and taping around her waist. She was hurting, but she felt better at home than a hospital. She didn't even notice someone was waiting by the door.

"Finally up, sleeping beauty? You had me worried you were gonna flat-line or me or somethin'." She heard a voice say. Turning, there would stand Ken. He was in a white T-Shirt with a red zip-up hoodie that was unzipped to the near bottom. His jeans and sneakers were proof enough he was perfectly fine. He was going out.

Chun Li closed her eyes and gave a smile. Sleeping beauty huh? This Masters was a charmer. "Well Mister Masters, I do not think it is my time as of yet." Her eyes opened, each arm folding behind her back."I see your injuries are not worrying you at all."

"Injuries? Hey, Bison fights hard, but it's gonna take a lot more than a cape and extra large chompers to hurt me." Ken chuckled a bit, tucking his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. "You need a lift?" Ken tilted his head.

Being with Ken a little longer? He'd been flirting with her ever since they met! It wasn't like many guys were lining up to flirt with a twenty one year old woman who could crush watermelon with her legs. She was probably coming off as a dominant woman. Chun-Li thought for a second..."I assure you, I'll be fine. I've taken cabs bef--"

"Cab?" Ken raised one of those split ended eyebrows. "I've got a limo to the airport. I can take you to Hong Kong with my jet."


Chun-Li opened her eyes widely. Needless to say, she thought it wouldn't taste luxury just a little bit. Her memories rushed, she didn't quite remember what happened from that point in perfect order. She did remember a lot of joking and talking. She also remembered being scared out of her guts taking a private jet. What would people say if they heard she was in a private jet with Ken...alone?

Once she landed in Hong Kong, Chun-Li allowed Ken to drive her home.

This guy has cars everywhere waiting on him! She remembered thinking.

As she arrived home, she was walked to her door.

"Thank you, Ken. You really didn't have to though. I could of just called HQ..." She fumbled with her keys. She was starstruck, but was trying to keep her head on her shoulders.

"Hey, don't mention it. You're always welcome, Chunners." Ken smiled, watching her fumble with her keys.


That nic-name was cute. She gave a playful giggle, still fumbling with her keys. She wanted to ask him in, honestly. It was too soon though. It wasn't even a date! It was a ride home! She couldn't give out freebies for a ride home! Then she'd feel like she owed everyone who did so! No! No invite in!

She could at least ask him if she'd see him again. Maybe they could talk more. They did have a decent conversation. It wasn't about crime or fighting. It was just normal human being discussion. Ken wasn't all about swinging his fists and feet--he was about living life. He'd told her the most amazing stories about going to Italy, France, Japan, and other places. He told her about him getting ready to take over the family business next year. He even spoke of his goals to open up a pasta place one was his favorite food.

Chun-Li had told him about some of her childhood memories. How it was raising the twin knuckleheads, Yun and Yang, with help from their grandfather and her mentor, Gen. She actually said she probably would be more patient with them if they were actually her children. That prompted Ken to give his input on kids--he actually loved them.


"...Having trouble findin' the key there Chun?" Ken noticed she'd been fumbling with them for the last ten seconds.

"Oh! Yeah it's just, kind of dark." She fumbled with her words as well. She got her key and gave a small nod to Ken. "Thanks again, Masters. I appreciate it."

Failure! Failure! Say something, girl!

Chun Li was screaming in her head as she eased her way inside of her house, preparing to close the door.

"Oh, hey?" Ken spoke out.

Chun-Li swung the door open fast. "Yes?" She felt her heart thumping in her chest. Was he going to ask to come in?

If he does, just have some tea, okay? You're injured.

Was he going to ask her out?

Don't jump for joy. Just be cool. It's a mind game, stay in control
."I was wondering if maybe...when you're healed, we could go out for dinner one day?" Right then and there, everything seemed to be soft and fluffy in her eyes. A lot like a soap opera. "I know some great places around here. We could go to Italy or something too. I'll have the jet gassed up!"

Chun Li stayed in control on the outside. She nodded to him. "That sounds great," She offered a smile. "I suppose you'll need my number then. Hold on." She thought it over for a second, and gave Ken her number. She was amazed how fast he got it programed in his phone. Quick with his fingers.

"Alright. I'll be in touch. Ciao, Chunster" He gave her a wink while he turned to head back to his limo.

"Good-bye Mister Masters." First Chunners then Chunster. He was making her blush!

However...things did not go as planned. She could remember getting heavier hours at work. Interpol was calling non-stop. Every time she did get to check her messages, she was far too tired to call him back. When she woke up, it was right back to work. Justice was her life. It didn't let her slow down for any relationships.

Ken kept calling. First once a day, then once a week after a while. Soon the messages stopped coming all together. Each time she did listen to them, they were always so polite and hopeful. No sign of frustration. He was a good man. She felt bad for doing him like that. It was just there was so much work to d--

"Hey! Snap outta it!"
( The Present )

Wallace had called out to the snoozing Chun Li, shaking her shoulder.

Chun-Li woke up alright. She woke up and pulled her pistol, aiming at his face! "Why didn't you call him back?!" Chun Li realized she was awake now. Wallace had his hands up as far as the ceiling would allow.

"Hey Chun-Li! It's me, Wallace! What are you talkin' about?!" He was scared out of his mind!

Chun-Li pulled the gun back and holstered it. "Sorry...nightmare!" She tried to play it off, patting Wallace on his shoulder.

"Phew...I was about to say I was plannin' on callin' my brother later today." He rubbed the back of his head, still coming down from that sudden burst of adrenaline. "You don't look so good, Chun-Li. You sure you're okay?"

"Peachy." Didn't sound like it at all. She noticed they were no longer driving, though. "...Why'd you stop the car?"

"Lunch break. Fantastic-Unique-Real-Original Ray's Pizza is packed though. I was about to get out to grab a slice." He parted the car door some. "You want any?"

Pizza? Again? She didn't feel like running her treadmill longer tonight to burn off that pizza again. "No thanks. I'm going to nap for this break." She sunk back into her seat while Wallace got out of the squad car.

"Suit yourself partner."

She folded her arms across her chest to keep warm, starting to close her eyes. She found herself shifting around more than she actually could sit still. So uncomfortable. Aggravated, Chun-Li opened her eyes, looking across the street. She saw someone..familiar...walking toward an ATM machine from a limo.

Blonde hair, built, handsome, dressed in the finest of materials for his winter wear...this was either a movie star, or Ken Masters. What if he saw her? Would he be angry she never returned his calls? She wanted to hide..she couldn't face him. She needed...the courage to face him. She didn't have that right now.

"HEY! C'MON, C'MON!!" Her Inner-Terry screamed.

He was right! She should just go and do it! Stepping out of the car and closing the door. Freezing her butt off already, Chun Li strutted across the street to the ATM machine. She was in uniform, so the driver didn't panic at all.

I need something clever to say to him...hmm...

"Emergency, Mister Masters?" Was the best she could come up with. When Ken heard her voice, she felt like running away immediately. What if it was the wrong -- no it was Ken. No one had eyebrows like him.

"Whoa! Christmas came late for me this year I see!" He still looked the same to her. Just a little more built. Ken had a bunch of cash going into his money clip and then to his pocket. Though his gloved hands left his pockets a split second after and approached her shoulders. Frozen up, Chun Li just reacted and brought her arms outward.

Ken gave her a hearty hug, and Chun Li gave him one in return.

...He smells amazing...he's..warm too..

Chun Li didn't want to let go, but once the hug ended, Ken was grinning from ear to ear, holding her shoulders. "Man! It's been so long! You look great Li!"

How do you respond to that?! "You don't look bad yourself, Mister Masters." She remained formal, though the red in her cheeks wasn't just from the cold!

"Heh, well I try. I'm just taking out some money. There's a problem with my restaurant. We need new registers after the fire. The place that makes them only accepts cash. Seriously, what the hell, you know?" He gave a brief laugh, joined by that of Chun Li.

"So, you're still an officer of the law huh?" He continued on.

He wasn't going to ask about the never-returned calls? Wow. Had he forgotten? Wow, she felt bad. He'd totally forgotten?! "Yep. This seems to be what I do best. I'm glad this is my last day for a few weeks. I've got enough vacation days to take paid vacation until next Christmas, though." Chun-Li was a work-a-holic. That much was apparent.

"Yeah? That makes two of us then. I haven't taken a day off that wasn't a holiday in six years. Masters Corp. takes more of my time than I do." He gave a sigh, shaking his head. Seems he too was a workaholic now. They could relate on that subject now!

"It's not all that bad sometimes though. At least things get done how we need to do them, right?" She couldn't take it anymore! She had to say it! "Oh, I'm sorry for not returning your calls Mister Masters. I was always working a new case and..." She wanted to explain, but it was just sounding like a bad excuse. She was sincere though, and hoped he knew that.

"Oh, don't worry about that Chunster," He placed his hands in his pockets, smiling down to her. "I figured you were. Always saving the world one case at a time. Anyway, I should get going..." He looked toward his driver, who was standing by the back door, waiting for Ken to head back to it.

"Oh...alright. It was good seeing you, Masters. Have a happy New Year." He was going to be out of her life again. Oh least he looked healthy...and...delicious. Look at those broad shoulders. Those beautiful chocolate eyes. His fresh smelling breath and cologne. His big hands andfeet. He was like a dream!...Chun-Li didn't see any ring print under his gloves. He was still on the market after all these years!

Wow, what women were stupid enough to not seek him out?!

"Oh! That reminds me." Ken turned back to her. He pulled a card from his pocket. "I'm having a party on New Years Eve in town. You should come, we could catch up." He gave her another wink as she took the card. It had the party details and Ken's contacts. Perfect!

"Oh, sure. That would be lovely!" What the hell was she going to wear?! More importantly, how'd she get around her grandmother to stay out all night? She'd know she was with Ken and company...she'd probably try to come too! That's ruin her chances!

"You'd be the one to know a lot about lovely. Heh heh. See you around Chunster." He gave her a thumbs up, heading back into his limo. Chun Li waved good-bye to him as the limo soon drove off. Standing on the snowy sidewalk...Chun Li began to jump around cheerfully, making a spectacle of herself.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"She cheered, running across the street back to her squad car. When she noticed people staring..she calmed down...and peacefully got into the car. Minutes later, Wallace returned with his oversized slice of pizza.

Oh my goodness...would our child really have blonde hair? Oh my...if we ever had kids they would be so beautiful! Chun-Li Masters!...Or Xiang-Masters. Hm...four is a good foundation. They'd never have to be alone like I was...

Those minutes, Chun Li had been in fantasy world. She was locked in now. Ken was going to be the man she wanted to date. She was thinking about the future already! She knew she had to calm down, or she would be set up for disappointment early. The car started up...they were back on the road.

She turned on the radio. This would help her get her mind off babies and Ken.

'Get the sale now for your New Years Baby-wear!'

She turned the station quickly!

'We've been married twenty seven years now --'

She turned again with a grunt!

'Have a baby by me baby~! Be a millionaire~!'

That was it! She shut the radio off with a growl, folding her arms tightly. "Stupid thing!"

Wallace glanced over at her, swallowing the piece he'd just bitten. "What, you don't like the song? I know all the words to that one, c'mon!"

"...Shut up, Wallace."

Haha, cute.

It's extremely well written, I wish I could write like that. All of the characters have so much personality.
6:30 AM

It was New Years Eve.

The alarm clock was beeping continuously.

Chun Li was glad to get that extra hour of sleep than she usually got. Though, she was still slow to even move from under her sheets. The other side of her bed? Still empty and cold.


A hand came out to tap the top of the alarm clock, though it felt more like it left her sheets and went into the freezer! She heard her heater come on--Grandma must of just now done it. She could also smell fresh coffee from her kitchen.

Still in her so-called PJ's, Chun-Li rubbed her eyes and left her bedroom to check on her grandmother. "Grandmother?" She called out while entering the living room. She saw Chao sitting on the couch with her eyes closed. Maybe she was taking a nap? Chun-Li just smiled, starting to head into the kitchen.

"Your novel was quite good, Chunnie." Chao spoke up as Chun-Li was just stepping foot in the kitchen. She froze like a raindrop in the North Pole."You have good taste in romance." Chao continued on.

Chun-Li just gave a nervous laugh. Maybe her grandmother could relate to her? "Well, um...they're really sweet..." She went on to explain, searching her cupboards to fetch her mug. "They're not too racy either, you know?" She did not feel right at ALL talking to her grandmother about this! Chun-Li realized she was awfully hungry as she made her coffee...what to eat?

"GET CHEERIOS!!" Her Inner-Terry shouted in her ear.

"Yes, yes. Not too racy. Though it got my heart pounding!"

Chun-Li was grossed out immediately.

"Oh-ho-ho! I am only joking Chunnie. So, what plans for today...if any, dear?" Chao started to get up from the couch, using her cane for extra support.

What was she planning today? Well, she did have to go shopping. New Years Eve was tomorrow. She needed a dress of some sort! "Well, I wanted to do a little shopping." Those last two words never went together in a sentence truthfully when it came to most women. However, Chun-Li was just trying to make a little shopping unappealing to her grandmother. At least until she had the courage to say why.

"A little shopping?" Chao was once again suddenly in the kitchen, right next to Chun-Li as she was getting her cereal. Chun-Li was surprised from her grandmoster's silent speed, and nearly sent her box flying into the air!

"Aaah! Would you stop that please?!" Chun-Li held the box close to herself once she caught it.

"Hmhm! You getting slower, Chunnie! Eat breakfast, so skinny, eat eat! And stretch before shopping." Chao gave a nod of her gray head before turning to head out of the kitchen.

"Oh, you don't have to come Grandmother. It is awfully cold out." Chun-Li was praying that Chao would stay home! She'd embarrass her! She was already nervous trying to shop for an occasion...should she be modest or...? It was a pain!

"I want to come. I need to see more of New York, America, Chunnie." Chao wasn't going to take no for an answer. She'd sensed Chun-Li was trying to get rid of her--but Chao was like quick sand. The more you fight against her, the more she's not letting you go!

"Alright, Mama...." She reluctantly agreed. She was just starting to pour her cereal into her bowl.

Seveal minutes after Chun-Li had finished her breakfast, she went through her usual stretching routine she had been doing before any fight she participated in. She had mastered the techniques, much to her grandmother's delight. The only problem came when Chun-Li was standing on her hands, keeping herself as straight as she could. She felt her grandmother's cane strike her knees quite hard!

"Straighten!" Chao would bark whenever Chun-Li messed up anything. If she didn't get it right, she probably wouldn't be able to walk for the day, let alone stand. Lucky for her though, she managed to pass Chao's morning boot camp. After a quick shower on both of their parts, the Xiangs were in a cab well on their way to the biggest mall in New York, via Chao's request.

I can't afford most of the stuff there...! Chun-Li thought to herself, nervously smiling in the backseat.

The ride was mostly silent, with a little of the taxi driver's radio playing. New York was always rough to drive through anytime...especially the Winter. Chun-Li was anxious to take a look at the dresses. She didn't want to drag old faithful out of he closet. She'd worn it everywhere there was a special occasion.

"So, Chunnie, who is he?" Chao peeked over at her granddaughter mischievously.

"Who's who, mama?" She didn't want to make eye contact with Chao. She just looked straight ahead like a deer in the headlights!

"The man you trying to impress. Don't think I don't know when you're trying to impress a man, Chunnie!" Chao closed her eyes, giggling. "You did speak of troubles in your sleep dear." Chao lied about the last part, she could see it was bothering Chun-Li anyway! It had to be a man that was making her act so strange.

The words of her grandmother had gotten to her fairly quickly. Was she that obvious? "...I was invited to a party by a friend of mine." She stated, now looking to her grandmother. "I just didn't want to go looking a mess. It's a pretty high class gathering."

"High class? So you mean he's rich?" Chao pried a little.

"Yes, he is. In fact he's one of the top businessmen in the world. He's lso among the top fighters. I had the privilege to fight along side him years ago when doing father's case." Chun-Li gave a smile to her grandmother. "I saw him during the last tournament. I did not get to challenge him, however. After a certain point he seemed to have dropped out."

Chao seemed interested in this tale. Though she was sure she wouldn't like such a rich man. They were always the most awful people. Especially for her poor granddaughter.

"A lot of people say we fight alike, even if we're of two different styles." She looked out of the window, watching all the cars and people the taxi passed. "I just tell them I like to have fun and get into my opponent's head. Ken does the same thing. Everyone one else is just so serious and uptight. That's probably why I defeated them and won the tournament." Her head swung back around to Chao.

"So his name is Ken?" Chao just wanted that answered. She wanted to test something...

"Yes, Ken Masters."

"I don't like him." Chao turned her nose up, looking ahead to the driver.

"I don't like the guy neither," His New Yorker accent rolled through. "All'a that money and the guy doesn't buy this city new taxis? This thing's a dinosaur for cryin' out loud. Sheesh. Millions a'dollars and what's 'e spend it on?"

Chun-Li didn't ask for their opinions on Ken. Everyone was different for everyone. He was a good person in her eyes. That was all that mattered, right? "You are entitled to your opinions. The mall is right here, sir. Thank you." Chun-Li put up her poker face and paid for the ride.

She and her grandmother were soon inside the noisy mall going from store to store. There never was a time Chun-Li could go here and just go directly where she wanted to go. She'd come here for a new handbag one day and left the mall with a couple of CDs, shoes, clothes, a few pairs of sunglasses, a movie, some slipper socks, and a prepaid cell phone.

Hey, they were on sale!

After going through the several floors on the mall, the Xiangs wound up in one of Chun-Li's favorite dress stores. They had everything from casual wear for women, to wedding stuff. She always enjoyed watching other women picking out those white dresses like they were opening Christmas presents. That kind of thing just wasn't fun until it was actually happening to the person.

Among the various clothing, there were also Chinese and Japanese garments by top class designers from all over the world. In-and-out of the changing room Chun-Li went. Each time she looked in the mirror, a little happy, a little upset, and a little horrified.

Chun-Li looked at herself from the front. She looked alright. From the side--she felt like she was getting a little gut--which she really wasn't. She was just being over critical of how she'd be seen. Not by the men or Ken at all, no. It was about what other women would say about her in the dress that bothered her.

She looked to her grandmother for approval, each one was a 'no'. Huffing, Chun-Li would continue to pick out various dresses of different lengths, but none seemed to satisfy her grandmother's taste. Chun-Li was about to say the hell with it. That was until she heard a familiar younger woman's voice entering the shop and speeding toward her favorite dresses.

"So anyway, I'm like, 'Andy, you should really be more open', and he's all woo-woo-woo and stuff, you know? Augh it's so hard to manage sometimes, but I love him." The voice belonged to none other than Mai Shiranui. "Hey I'm in the mall right now, I'll text you in a minute. Smooches!" Mai hung up, sorting through the rack quickly. "Augh, everybody has these." She scoffed at the clothes. She needed something better!

Chun-Li's eyes went wide as she saw Mai in her skirt, tank top, and heels. Yes, all in the winter time. Someone must of been holding her coat. Chun-Li hoped, of course. She safely ducked into the dressing room and shut the door, taking a breath of relief.

That was when a knock came on the dressing room door. Chun-Li could feel her heart stop for an instant.

"Hey, don't be shy girl! What do you think you're doing?" Mai playfully spoke on the other side of the door.

"CHANGING!!" Chun-Li's inner Terry yelled in her ear.

"Uh! I-Uh! Hi Mai! Didn't know you were here!" She lied, nervously chuckling. "I'm just trying on some..uh..dresses! You know!" She knew Mai knew all of her business, since they talked all the time online. Well, Chun-Li would just get instant messages from Mai's cellphone, but still the same thing!
"Dresses, huh? Got a hot date tonight?" Mai pried a little more, with a giggle. "It's about time, girl. Get rid of those cobwebs!"

Chun-Li's face went bright red on the other side. She opened the door up partially, giving Mai a death glare. "Mai!" She gave a hushed yell.

"What? What's wrong? Tsk--Ugh! What the hell are you wearing?! Is that generic?!" Mai continued to embarass Chun-Li, not knowing her grandmother was listening the whole time.

"Mai!" She interrupted her again in a hushed yell. "My grandmother is sitting just a few feet behind you!"

Mai's eyes went wide as she stood up, covering her mouth. "Owe-Em-Gee, I'm sorry!" She turned to Chao, giving a bow. "Hello Mrs. Xiang. I'm Mai Shiranui. You may know of my family." Though she was a party girl, Mai was respectful of her elders...sometimes!

"Yes. I see all of them are hiding in your shirt." Chao responded, turning her nose up. She really didn't care for those Japanese! It was all about Chinese martial arts!

"Grandmother!" Chun-Li slapped her own hand onto her head.

"Of course I'm only kidding, child. Pleasure." Chao could sense Chun-Li was embarrassed enough. She didn't want to alienate herself from her only link to her son left.

"Oh....hee hee. Pleasure to meet you as well." Mai adjusted her insanely expensive purse on her forearm and looked back to Chun-Li. "Look, girl. You need help from an expert. I'll go get three dresses. One of them is a gaurenteed winner." Mai promised before strutting off, bouncing all the way!

"OKAY!" Her inner Terry liked the idea!

"No it's" She was too late. Mai was already doing it! After a few minutes, Mai brought Chun-Li several dresses. One, as promised, was indeed a winner.


It was a black dress that showed off much of her shoulders and back. Especially her long shapely legs which outdid the best of women. It was pretty cute, too!

"Oh! It's lovely!" Chao actually gave a clap as Chun-Li posed a little bit. She was very shy about it of course. Getting such praise from her grandmother andMai!

"There you go, girl!" Mai cheered her on. "Don't worry about the price tag on it. I'll handle it." She was a good friend, wasn't she?! Chun-Li felt guilty for liking a dress that would of cleared her own bank account...and then she felt small for the fact Mai was buying it like it was a side ordered salad.

"Th..thanks, Mai!"

( Later.... )

The three had gone on a little extra shopping with Mai, and stopped for a break in the food court. They sat at a table--Chun-Li and Mai just talking while drinking hot was just eating her oreo blizzard ice cream.

Mai was doing most of the talking ,expressing her problems with Andy, their future, what he does that gets on her nerves, what he does that she loves, and things like that. Chun-Li, being the outsider looking in, was able to give her some pretty decent advice. Hopefully, it would work!

However, everything changed when Mai shifted the subject to Chun-Li.

"So! Who's this guy you're getting all dolled up for? Oh, you don't need make-up, okay? You look perfectly fine." She reached across the table to pat Chun-Li's hand wrapped around her cup.

Chun-Li looked down into the half-empty cup of hot chocolate. She was a little nervous to admit to Mai of all people who she was trying to land. It was a juicy topic, but she knew Mai knew him, and was a little reluctant to say. ""

Mai just kept eye contact and a smile. Following Chun-Li's eyes where ever they moved. Even if she was just looking down. Chun-Li may of been older to her, but she acted a lot younger!

"...I got invited," She lifted her head, smiling. "To Ken's New Years Party and...I know..." Chun-Li admitted, Chao only giggled a little from her seat.

Mai's jaw dropped. She leaned back in her seat, placing her hand on her chest. "Owe-em-gee! Kenny?!Oh my gosh!" She was surprised!

Chun-Li looked back down to her drink, but was still smiling.

"Ken and I always hang out! He's a really nice guy!" Mai started.

Chun-Li's head suddenly went up. Ken hung out with Mai a lot?!

"We sometimes catch dinner in Italy. Sometimes we meet up in Japan for a little shopping~, sometimes Miami or Brazil to catch a little sun~," Mai could of gone on, but she saw Chun-Li had a new look of surprise in her eyes.

They go to different countries together?! Why isn't she dating him instead of Andy?! I swear, Mai, you're a beautiful girl, but you could use more brains...what am I saying, I passed him up too.

"He's sucha good kisser..." Mai teased, biting on her pinky nail.

"What?!" Chun-Li almost stood up--Chao just giggled!

"I'm only joking, sit down! Ha ha!" Mai found that reaction so hysterical!

"'re going to be at the party tonight too? I guess Ken will have his hands full." Li felt defeated just when her spirits were getting higher.

"Nope. Told Ken I wouldn't be in town. My birthday's on New Years and I'm spending it in Japan." She admitted, taking a sip of her drink.

"Oh...oh, happy early birthday, then!" She put back on her best smile, even if she was irritated with all the teasing.

"Thanks. So Chun-Li, what do you plan to do at the party? Catch Ken's eye? Draw him somewhere private? Huh, huh?" Mai's eyelids lowered and her grin grew more mischievous. She could see Chun-Li start to freeze up at the accusation, yet she was swimming in the thought of it.

"No, nothing like that..." She took a sigh. "He's way out of my league. I'm not a super rich model. I'm just an agent." She was diving into her own doubts slowly. "I just want to rekindle our friendship. My job has kept me away, I don't want to lose a friend forever..."

There was silence. Mai and Chao made eye contact, both of their moths sealed shut in thin lines. They didn't buy it.

"Uhm, Chun-Li? When's the last time you've been with someone? Be honest." Mai was starting to think Chun-Li's loneliness was making her believe her own lies.

"Huh!? Thats not a nice thing to ask! Especially infront of my grandmother!" Chun-Li stood up this time, both hands on the table. She was mad!

"Junior year in high school. Eleven thirty to eleven thirty two." Chao spoke out, taking another bite of ice cream.

"BURN!" Terry shouted in Chun-Li's mind. She could of died...right then, right there. She crashed back into her chair, looking at her grandmother in absolute horror. "Wh...what?! How do you know that?!"

Mai was doing her absolute best not to laugh!

"I heard the whole thing."

( Flashback#5: March, 1999. Afterward )

Chun-Li had waved out of her window, wrapped up in her sheets. "Bye...I'll see you at school tomorrow." She blew a kiss, and shut the door. Sitting back on her bed, she hung her head.

"That....was horrible. I'm neverdoing that again." She buried her face in her hands. "Can't believe I got put on the spot like that. 'It was amazing' my ass...."

She gave a scoff. "It was was like taking a shower, and just getting lathered up, then the water gets shut off!" She continued to complain to the air.

( The Present )

"So you started using work as an excuse to not be in contact with the poor boy. Once things broke off, you officially became a workaholic after your father passed." Chao gave a matter-a-factly nod at her story.

".. .. .. .... .. " Chun-Li didn't say a word. She was just too ashamed of herself.

"Pretty...long time there, Li." Mai was still holding her laughter. "So, my advice is don't try to do anything but talk, okay? Don't drink too much. I know Ken pretty well, so I can give you some topics to bring up if you want." She awaited Chun-Li's response. She waited for a while.

"....I can't believe my grandmother heard me." Chun Li said against the table.
8:30 PM

The time was approaching. Chun-Li was running back and forth, checking any and everything she was bringing with her. Unecessarilly little purse? Check. Heels? Check. Cellphone? Check. Number of nervous showers and baths today? Two. To be safe, Chun-Li kept examining her face in her hand-held mirror.

"Ooh...I think I missed a spot..!" She was freaking out, and Chao could tell. No matter, Chun-Li wanted to be absolutely flawless when she went to this party. She wanted to be drop-dead gorgeous! As soon as she walked through those doors, she wanted to steal the show. She did not have to try very hard, but even the World's Strongest Woman had her weaknesses.

"Chunnie..." Chao sipped her tea quietly. "Settle down. You act as if you've never been on a date before." She opened one of her slanted eyes, examining the reddening face of her grandchild. She was still embarassed from earlier! "Oh come now. I heard your parents all the time if it helps."

It didn't! Chun-Li slumped her head, standing up from her position on the couch. "Grandmother, I'm going to take one more shower before I get dressed. I like the first body wash better." She had to be perfect, after all! "If Ken calls, tell him that, okay?" She started to head toward her bathroom once more. "Are you sure you're going to be okay? Do you need me to get you anything?" She put aside her problems for the time being to be sure her grandmother would be fine tonight.

"As long as I have movie channel, ice cream, and hansome boy in movie, I should be fine." She flashed a grin toward Chun-Li. "Now go, child. Have fun tonight, okay? Just relax. So nervous!"

Her words were easing Chun-Li's nerves. Taking a breath, she proceeded into her bathroom. Before she could close the door, Chao yelled out at her...

"Bring me back some great grand babies!"

If she could without guilt...Chun-Li would of kicked the hell out of her grandmother's shin for that one. At any was time to prepare her shower.

Just as Chao heard the shower head starting--there was a knocking at the door. Her eyes cut toward the door. Her mind zoned in on the very frame of the door, getting a feel of what kind of energy was on the other side. She felt the energy of the was a man of reletive purity. He must of been American.

Sliding off of the couch, Chao grabbed her cane, and began approaching the door. Chao didn't even ask who it was--she unlocked the door and pulled it open...looking up to a dozen beautiful flowers held in the hand of a tall, handsome man. "Oh my...for me?"

"Huh...?" Ken thought he had the wrong room for a moment. Though he saw a resemblance in the little old woman to Chun-Li. "Oh, no, sorry Ma'am. I brought these for Chun-Li. Is she home?"

"Hmm. I see." Chao didn't answer him purposefully. Stalling for dramatic purpose. "Come on in. She's in the shower, sonny."

"Oh, I didn't want to interrupt her. I just wanted to tell her a limo will arrive to pick her up. She doesn't have to take a cab." How generous of him. Ken didn't want Chun-Li showing up to the party in anything but the best transportation to and from the party. It guaranteed her safety. Placing the flowers on an end table near the door, Ken would begin fishing in his coat for an envelope.

"Hmm...I see...." Chao accepted the envelope..when...

"OOooooohhh--OoooOOoh! Caught in a bad romance!" Chun-Li sang out from the shower.

Chao and Ken both kind of froze in place.

"Ba-ra-ra-ah-aaaaAAah! Ra-Maaa,Ra-Aa-Aaaa~! Caught in a bad romance!"

"So, when the party is getting ready to begin, a car will be here to pick her up?" She placed the envelope aside, folding her left arm behind her back. "How will she know it's outside?"

"I want your LOOOVEE~! Love, love, love!"

Ken was doing his best not to laugh--he didn't want to embarrass Chun-Li with knowing he was there. "The driver will call up to confirm. The driver's name is Samuel Witrow, he should have the password that's on Chun-Li's invitation." His hand motioned toward the envelope.

"I want your lovin', I want your revenge! You and me can write a baaad romaance!"

Chao examined the flowers--she still seemed unimpressed by the if sore they were not meant for her. "Hm...I see. Well, good-bye George. It was nice to meet you." Chao's small hands lifted up, flicking her wrist to 'shoo' him away.

"OOooooohhh--OoooOOoh! Caught in a bad romance!"

Chuckling nervously, Ken would politely correct Mrs. Xiang..."It's Ken, ma'am. It was a pleasure to meet you too." It wasn't very long after that Ken would step back through the door with a parting nod. Chao closed the door on him as if he were a bill collector, however. It was enough force to make Ken jump with some surprise.

The shower head had shut off.

Chao positioned herself on the couch, waiting patiently as she heard Chun-Li turning her blow dryer on. Minutes later, once her towel was secure around her body, Chun-Li walked out of the bathroom, making a bee-line for her bedroom. Though something caught the corner of her eye...a towering bouquet of flowers.

At first, Chun-Li looked to her grandmother for answers, but all she got from her was a big grin. "...Those are for me?" Chun-Li said under her breath. Was she overwhelmed by the gift? One hand went up on top of her chest as she took a step back. "Those can't be for me..." There was some kind of mistake, right? Her occasional fan-flowers, or secret valentine gifts were a couple of flowers each. This...on the other hand, was a quarter of a flower shop.

Her feet carried her over to the flowers--and the envelope near it on the table. She quickly checked the flowers tags...who it was 'TO' was the first thing she saw. " me....from..." She was getting excited, like she was opening up gifts early.

Chao shut her eyes, restraining herself from laughing at her grandchild's glee. Chun-Li stopped cold, though...

"No...way...Ken did all this for me?" She was breath-taken! What a nice guy! Only now Chun-Li's brain was racing...what the hell could she buy him in return for his generosity? Well, Mai said he liked watches...he had a ton of Jacob's at home. She couldn't afford that...though maybe she could give him a watch just as a friendly gesture?
"Yes, child. He delivered them just while you were in the shower." Chao got up from her feet, tapping her cane along the floor. "Do not worry, he endured your shower singing, child." She could already feel the awkward feeling Chun-Li was getting just from her expression. She seemed like she wanted to just jump off of a cliff after hearing that news.

"......" She had no words for herself, nor her grandmother.

"Your invitation." Pointing her cane, Chao would direct Chun-Li's eyes. "The driver will come to pick you up, Chunnie." Once her cane hit the ground again, Chao started to head over into the kitchen.

Chun-Li pulled up the envelope, tearing it open quickly to check it's contents. Indeed it was an invitation...they would be coming in about an hour! Dropping the note, Chun-Li's feet beat against the flooring as she raced to her room. She needed to get ready as quickly as possible!

9:28 PM

Chun-Li was all dolled up now. She looked great in her dress, and now even better with the black full-body coat she'd gotten as a gift from Mai, to cover her up for the cold weather outside. She kept the coat slung over her forearm, and her small handbag hanging from her shoulder. Chun-Li stepped out for her grandmother to see, and right away, Chao's face lit up with joy. Chun-Li giggled, doing a quick turn-around for her grandmother. "What do you think?"

Proud, Chao approached her grandchild. Her hands adjusted parts of the coat that didn't need fixing...she just wanted to keep herself busy so she wouldn't end up crying or something of the sort. "You look fantastic, dear. Though as nervous as your father was on his first date." She smiled up to Chun-Li, who returned the expression.

"Thanks, mama...I am really nervous, I admit. It's been a long time since I've been to a big party, let alone a mansion..." Chun-Li's mind wondered to her first mansion experience years ago in Japan....

( Flashback#6: Karin Kanzuki )

Thunder clapped outside the Kanzuki mansion, rain beat down on the large glass windows in front of the dining room. There stood Karin, scribbling mustaches on a printed image of Sakura, grumbling in absolute frustration. From the shadows, her rather girthy butler came, holding a dish with her ordered print-outs of Sakura's face, and a set of markers.

"The military house guests are asleep, ma'am." The butler announced, allowing Karin to snatch up the dish and set it on the table.

"Good." She grunted, "Once again I have been foiled by longer..." She began drawing vampire teeth on her heated rival.

"So..., what shall we do tomorrow night, Ms. Kanzuki?" He added in, grinning sadistically from ear to ear--only added to it's creepy factor by the thunder clap outside.

"The same thing we do every night, Ishizaki..." Another thunder clap...Karin stood tall, pumping her fist into the air. "Try to take over the world!"

Several more thunder claps happened--though the scene was inerrupted by Chun-Li, in a robe and slippers.

"Uh, excuse me?"

Karin and Ishizaki both turned toward Chun-Li with their mouths agape. They had been foiled!

"There's a...really big weather machine on full blast over my" She tried to reason, "Mind...turning it off...? Or...setting the rain to drizzle...? It sounds like a garage rock band outside..."

Karin took a breath--Chun-Li wasn't on to her! "Oh, yeah, sure. I just like to turn it on when I'm upset, you know?" She turned to Ishizaki. "Set the machine to drizzle. The slower rain may be more dramatic for my scene...I really wanna..." Her eyes narrowed, hoping to get her point across. "I really wanna feel the scene, you know?"

"Yes ma'am." Ishizaki was on his way, but stopped when Karin spoke again.

"--Because, because...I know you can see the scene...but can you feel it? There's a difference, you know?"

"...Yes, ma'am..." He tried to leave again.

"See? See? You don't feel it do you? You don't feelmy need for world domination. I mean come on, man, you're supposed to be support! How else am I going to beat Sakura unless I rule the world?"

Her tone was getting louder, as she was apparently getting angry! Chun Li kind of just...watched, as Karin rambled on. "You can at least be that one unwilling friend on a bank job!"

" can try fighting her without cheating..." Chun-Li added her two cents into the conversation.

"I...." Karin looked around. "...I can do that? That's cool?"

However, from upstairs, Guile shut them all up.


( The Present )

"You'll be fine, Chunnie." She placed her hands on either side of her grandchild's shoulders. "Now have fun. Little old grandmother will be fine, alright?"

Well, that was a relief. She was half expecting a guilt trip, but instead got encouragement.

"Thanks, mama." Chun-Li gave a bright smile--but it changed to a puzzled expression when she saw her grandmother start to go into her pockets.

"Here is some protection, Chunnie~"

Chun-Li's face heated up immediately. Why did her grandmother of all people have that. "Grandma..!"

"Kee kee kee!I am only joking deary!" Chao's laughter was like having her teeth pulled for Chun-Li. She was constantly facing embarassment.

Upset, she turned her nose up and marched away from her grandmother. "I'm just going to wait on that call," She stated, keeping her back turned to Chao. "Have fun tonight, grandmother." What perfect timing. The telephone had started to ring and immediately Chun-Li answered. Once the passcode and the driver's name was given, her ride was confirmed.

Now the bundles of nerves finally hit the fan. She raced to her grandmother, kissing her on the cheek for her farewell. Near instantly, Chun-Li was out the door. She took the elevator down, and it seemed like it was taking too long for her likes this evening. It truly was just her anxiousness to get to Ken's party and to see him. She wanted to thank him for once again not letting her take a cab.

Once downstairs and out of the lobby, she was greeted by the driver and shown to the back of the long stretch Limo. Chun-Li was impressed and starstruck all at once from seeing this limo. Climbing into the back, Chun-Li made herself comfortable...almost in a daze for the entire ride.

She couldn't wait to be among friends again. Well, possible friends that Ken may of invited. There were high hopes things would not be awkward among some people who may of been invited. She could remember how awkward one of her get-together with friends had been before...
( Flashback#7: The Bogards and Mai Shiranui)

It was a rare occasion that Chun-Li got a chance to hang out. She had a mission in Japan, so she figured she'd stop by to visit Miss Shiranui.

On the couch, Chun-Li sat between Andy and Terry Bogard, watching Mai's enormous screened television. They seemed to be squinting a little toward it--well, Chun-Li and Andy. Terry's hat was in the way of his eyes.

"You know, even though it's called 'High Definition' still looks like regular TV." Chun Li confessed, looking over toward Andy.

"Yeah, I know. It's kind of like surround sound. It's just normal speakers turned all the way up." Andy retorted in a rather dull tone. Though things picked up, once Mai entered the room in a skimpy little pink towel.

"Aaaaanddyyy~" She called out with a wink. "I'm going to go take a shower, mm'kay?"


Mai's enthusiasm dropped. She put her hands on her hips, though kept her smile. "Care to join me, Andy?"

"No thank you. I'm fine."

"......." Mai just sighed, stomping her feet and slamming the door as she entered the bathroom.

"Man, what's with her?" Andy was completely oblivious to what had just went down. Though Chun-Li was looking at him curiously.

"Andy...? Are...are you..." She seemed reluctant to use the term. "...Are, into guys or something?"

The Bogard boy sighed, placing his hand on his head. "No, I'm not ga--"

When he was interrupted by some blonde woman who suddenly walked 'in-frame'.

"Hey, you shouldn't say that you know? It's offensive." The apparent important person said to them in a scolding manner. Everyone but Terry looked over to her with wide eyes.

"What?" Chun-Li and Andy seemed to say in unison.

"Don't say something's gay when you think it's stupid. I mean what if I said High Definition is so blonde haired loser who ignores his hot girlfriend who one day is going to leave him for somebody like Kyo Kusanagi if he keeps this up." That was quite a mouthful. Apparently, that was aimed right at Andy.

"Well, that'snot very nice..." Chun-Li was...still trying to figure out how this woman even got here. She didn't remember...remembering this part of the day.

Heated, Andy fired back with shoting and pointing of his finger. "We weren't even using it in that context! Come on!"

"Whatever. That costume you got is so straight. So you guys gonna stop calling things gay?" She was quite pushy, wasn't she?

Terry finally spoke up on their behalf..."Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!....--GET SERIOUS!"

( The Present )

Well...that didn't exactly happen, but it seemed to be in Chun-Li's head. Maybe she was watching too much television. She finally was arriving at the party...the butterflies were at their peak. She had to take this as she took on any mission or challenge.

Take a deep breath.

She told herself.

Let it all go.

When the door was opened for her, of course due to the celebrity of the fighters and important people showing up to the bash, paparazzi were all around. Chun-Li stepped out one heel at a time, putting on her best 'red carpet smile' which was actually more of a cute pout.

The cameras flashed at her, but Chun-Li wasn't stopping for many photo ops, she was focused on being lead through the door of the massive building by the security outside. As soon as her feet crossed the threshold, soft classical music and low conversations were heard all about the lobby. There were several parties going on, but Chun-Li was lucky enough to have top floor party where Ken was holding the event.

After checking in, Chun-Li was directed to an elevator where she could use a key card to access the highest floor available. Reaching the party was now enevitable. Was Ken even going to like her dress, once the coat came off? She had to once again gather herself, as the elevator doors shut.