Chronicles of the sword: volume one


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Two swords lay side by side on the plynth, one of which was a short sword, curved for deadly pain. It seemed to emanate a blue-ish light, and it hovered slightly above the stone tablet marked "Kriss". But the other one caught Scorpion's eye more, a samurai katana that looked about the right size and weight as his own. It was crudely embedded into the stone plynth, and a yellowish flame flickered from it's blade. The tablet below it read "Mugai Ryu". Scorpion tossed his katana aside and grasped the Mugai Ryu's hilt.
As soon as it was released, a voice bellowed through the halls. Scorpion spun in surprised holding the now violently smouldering blade in front of him like an extension of his own arm.
"You chose well, spectre"
"Who are you?" Scorpion roared. "What sorcery is this?"
"I am Bishamon, god of war. You have been chosen to wield this weapon to prepare you for your upcoming destiny.
"You will be given six trials, in six realms previously unknown to you. In these realms you will come across other champions, each with enchanted swords of their own. Survive the trials and you will face the bearer of the Kriss, your Mugai Ryu's sister sword. To the victor goes the spoils."
"And if I refuse?"
"You have no choice. Your opponents will destroy you."
A portal opened, and with little hesitation, Scorpion entered.
He surfaced in a barren world, little vegetation grew in the dry earth. In front of him loomed a giant keep, looking eastern european in origin. But the huge, fragmented pillars spewing from the roof told Scorpion that this wasn't earth.
The pillars were damaged seemingly beyond repair, but the fragmented pieces hung in the stagnant air, instead of falling. The tops of the pillars were so high they disappeared from view. Something moved behind him.
Scorpion spun, cutting with the Mugai Ryu. the sword burned into the flesh of his attacker. He saw a black, feral face staring at him with wild, scarlet eyes. The beast's jaw and talons were stained a dirty brown with blood, and a long, cylindrical tongue lashed out of it's lipless face, and as Scorion twisted the blade, the creature burst into a cloud of yellow dust. He stepped back.
"This is your champion?" He bellowed to the sky.
"I very much doubt it..." Came a very well spoken, yet almost informal voice from behind him. Scorpion Turned, expecting to see a noble, with little warrior skills at all. He saw nothing. "Perhaps I can help." came the voice again.
A black mist was gathering in one spot, and all of a sudden bats swarmed from all directions, enveloping Scorpion. He lashed out wildly with his sword, and the bats dispersed. They gathered where the mist was collecting, and merged to form the shape of a man. the noble. But he was more than weak.
He stooda good 7 feet tall, clothen in black leather braces, bare chested with a red cape over his shoulder. His hands were three-fingered talons, his feet cloven hoofs. His skin was a sickly yellow colour, and his head elongated into a crest, holding a shock of pure white hair tied back with a leather strap. His face was cut.
"Well done" said the monster. "You hurt me." He brought a claw to his wound, mopping up some of the blood, and then licked it clean. the wound closed up instantly. Scorpion's vacant eyes closed slightly. The figure began to circle him.
"Welcome, warrior, to Nosgoth, MY domain. I, am the one you seek, My name is Kain. That is quite a weapon you have there, it has been a while since a sword pierced my flesh. This should be quite a battle, should you accept"
Kain drew his sword, a gargantuan blade, twisted seven times, at least 4, maybe 5 feet long by Scorpion's estimation, and yet his new acquaintance brandished it with one hand with ease. The hilt was long enough to be used with two hands, and separating it from the blade was an ornamental skull with bat-like wings. Scorpion raised the Mugain Ryu, so the two blades met point to point. Kain smiled. For a minute, Scorpion thought that the skull on his sword did too.
Bishamon's voice boomed through the cliffs surrounding them.

To be continued...
nice man i was kinda getting into it

is that like a story you made up as you were doing this post or you did then pasted it on er whats

whats the backround with u n the story
It's a story i've had in my head for a while but this is the first time it's been typed up. basically I wanted an excuse to pit scorpion against a lot of my other favourite game characters, like Kain here for example
That's a pretty good story Goraka! I like the fact the Scorpion gets to take on lots of guys. It's funny cause when I saw the title of this, I thought you were gonna have something from Soul Calibur 3. :lol:
Robot Commander said:
That's a pretty good story Goraka! I like the fact the Scorpion gets to take on lots of guys. It's funny cause when I saw the title of this, I thought you were gonna have something from Soul Calibur 3. :lol:

lol, i had already named the story when SC3 came out. I was pissed off to say the least when it did lol. bizarrely enough, I had decided to pit him against Nightmare on like his third fight or some shit