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Mortal Kombat 23+ years running and not a single book including the lore is out there. We need an MK Encyclopedia! Shawn Kittelsen has already said he'd love to author it, and with 20+ years and around 70 characters, us MK fans would love to have an at-hand hardback type book with everything based on the MK Lore at our hands!

Signing this petition will let those up above (DC Comics, Shawn Kittelsen, Ed Boon, Netherrealm Studios, Etc) know that YOU want an MK Encyclopedia!

As of now we do have prototypes books circulating among the fans, Netherrealm Studios, and WB.


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I know I am supposed to be interested with a Trailer, but is that a video of... eeeer.. Jesus talking about Khrome? Wat?


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Thanks for sharing the video, Bounce.

However, he isn't a part of the MK Encyclopedia team. The trailer is a labor of love, like the book we are pushing for and in some sense, crafting.

Thanks again for getting the word out there.

Also, yes - Richard Epcar did record just for us for this trailer.

And no - We have no affiliation with said Jesus video.



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We have had several discussions with WB, but you're right - they have told us that there is no plan to push forward.

However, on the contrasting side - We are almost finished with the book (We do intend to finish) and print a handful of copies. We have contacted John Tobias, Shawn Kittelsen, as well as John Vogel and asked them questions that aren't readily out there in terms of canon, etc. Each has answered about 10 questions for us and we have incorporated it into the book. We also have agreements with several folks on the NRS writing staff who will review our book and check it and correct errors.

Our hope is that with a finished and fact checked book, and Udon Ent backing us (Which they have said they will) - we can send the book to them and it will aid in their conversations with WB and getting the book made as part of a 3 year license agreement.


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Even if you guys don't get the green light from lame a$$ WB, is it possible that I can purchase a copy directly from you? Would love to support this project.