Character Locations


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Characters are listed by the first game they appeared in.
MK 1
Liu Kang - Earthrealm H-4, Outworld G-1,Edenia G-6(12AM~6Am)
Johnny Cage- Outworld H-8, Netherrealm E-2(7pm-10pm)
Kano- Outworld C-5
Raiden- Earthrealm H-3(only when you are to return to netherrealm), _Orderrealm E-3,
Dark Raiden- Outworld F-2, Edenia F-3
Sub-Zero- Earthrealm G-8, Outworld D-7, Edenia F-7
Scorpion-Netherrealm, Outworld F-4, Edenia A-1
Sonya- Chaosrealm A-7, Outworld A-8(6Pm)
Reptile- Outworld E-4
Goro-Netherrealm E-2(7pm-10pm)
Shang Tsung- Netherrealm C-8

Baraka- Outworld G-4
Jax- Earthrealm G-6, Orderrealm E-5
Kitana- Edenia C-4
Kung Lao- Earthrealm C-7(only if you have the white lotus head band)
Mileena- Outworld H-3, Netherealm H-4, Netherealm H-3, Edenia G-2, _Chaosrealm H-2
Smoke-Outworld D-2, Outworld H-7, Netherealm G-1, Chaosrealm G-1
Jade- Edenia G-8,
Noob Saibot-Netherealm E-8, Chaosrealm B-8, Outworld B-1
Kintaro- Earthrealm B-6 (immediately after you open the chest)
Shao Kahn- Outworld B-6

Cyrax- Netherrealm F-3(before opening the chest behind Moloch)
Kabal- Netherealm G-5, Chaosrealm B-1, Orderrealm F-5, Netherealm G-3
Night Wolf- Netherealm C-5, Netherealm A-4, Earthrealm D-5
Sektor- Edenia G-3
Sheeva- Netherrealm E-8(house)
Sindel- Earthreealm A-4(daytime), Chaosrealm D-8
Stryker- Orderrealm B-3
Motaro- Earthrealm B-5 (10AM)

MK Trilogy
Ermac- Netherealm E-5, Orderrealm E-2
Rain- Outworld C-8, Edenia D-7

Fujin- Orderrealm E-4
Jarek- Netherealm A-8
Kai-Outworld A-3 (only if you have the white lotus Headband)
Reiko- Outworld F-8, Edenia B-3
Tanya- Outworld C-2, Edenia E-1, Netherealm B-5
Quan Chi- Neatherealm D-1
Shinnok- Netherealm C-7
Meat- Netherealm E-8(10pm)

Bo Rai Cho- Earthrealm C-4, Chaosrealm C-7, Outworld D-1, Orderrealm _C-2
Mavado- Orderrealm D-5, Edenia D-2
Hsu Hao-Edenia E-5
Kenshi-Earthrealm A-7, Orderrealm G-5, Netherrealm B-3
Li Mei-Outworld G-8, Chaosrealm D-6, Orderrealm A-5
Nitara-Outworld H-5, Netherrealm F-3(before opening the chest behind _Moloch)
Drahmin-Netherealm C-6
Frost-Outworld H-6
Blaze-Outworld C-3
Mokap- Chaosrealm H-6, Orderrealm B-7
Moloch- Netherealm F-3

Ashrah- Netherealm A-2, Edenia C-4
Kira- Outworld E-7, Netherealm A-3, Edenia C-8, Netherealm G-3, Earthrealm E-6(5pm-4Am)
Hotaru- Orderrealm G-4, Edenia H-1, Outworld C-5
Darrius- Chaosrealm A-1, Orderrealm C-8
Havik- Netherealm F-7, Chaosrealm G-4, Orderrealm D-1, Edenia H-6
Dairou- Netherealm H-6, Netherealm E-3, Edenia A-2, Orderrealm A-3
Kobra- Outworld A-4, Earthrealm H-2 (7or8pm), Chaosrealm H-7, Edenia _C-2, Netherealm G-3

MK mythologies
Sareena Netherealm D-8

Please help me complete this list, post if you find a character I have not found or if you find a character in a place I have not found them.
Sektor is in G-3 of Edenia, Just South of the fortress, on a piece of land that juts out behind a couple of trees there.
A few more additions

Liu Kang is also at G-6, Edenia (noon)

Reiko B-3, Edenia

Try C-4 for Goro's Dagger, I think that is the cave where it was, might be wrong though...
KillKano! said:
A few more additions

Liu Kang is also at G-6, Edenia (noon)

Reiko B-3, Edenia

Try C-4 for Goro's Dagger, I think that is the cave where it was, might be wrong though...
Thanks I checked both of those and found Liu Kang from midnight to about 6am).
I had seen Reiko before and just had not written it down i guess. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Goro-Netherealm E-2(7pm-10pm)

If you mean those 2 guys fighting on the platform in the middle of the lava, it kinda looks like goros hair but it looks like he has 2 arms not 4. Plus would you count a character you cant interact with?
has anyone found kai? it's actually part of a side mission with kung lao after you beat konquest...he's in outworld, i've no clue where though
you can fight kung lao at the shaolin munk temple in earthrealm... it's to the east of the location where you found the earth kamidogu and such... there's a trail leading right up to it and kung lao is at the entrance of the temple, accuses you of being an assassin...
you don't really fight him, you have to make a ten hit combo
after you do, he believes you're on his side, and asks you to go get kai in the outworld to help in the defense of the earth realm... but i can't find kai... bahhhh
A little side note. If you don't get the White Lotus headband Kung Lao will not be there and you cannot perform this side quest. Thats why I can't find him.
JediRaiden22 said:
You can see Cyrax on NetherRealm, but you can't reach him

I wonder...

He is talking to Nitara when they disappear and never return. Nitara is also in the cave in Baraka's village in outworld but you can't talk to her, she tells you to buzz off.
Scorpion: You need to talk to a guy who is looking for vampires. Then she will tell you her name and that she is a vampire. Side quest.