Character Gameplay Guides

I know it's only a week since its release, but I feel that this should be the right time to post up more character-specific gameplay guides. So far, only two has been made (Hawkgirl by yours truly, and Wonder Woman by b, b, b, lp) and I feel that they need to be stickied. The reason is that, instead of complaining that they need nerfs, we should have a better understanding about them so we can develop counters with our mains or feel like adding them to our arsenal of main in case the gameplay is specific to certain's liking.

Anyone agree with me on this??

Even though I'm not doing anymore since someone should take the opportunity on doing the remaining 22 characters.


God of War Fanboy
I honestly want a Nightwing thread. I haven't got this game yet b and it's bugging me not knowing how he plays.


Robot Rock
Nobody is going to do one man. This game doesn't have as many players on this site as MK9 did.


God of War Fanboy
Holy shit sososo much information. It made me excited to play him knowing my favorite is a rusher. Holy hell. Im so ready to annoy everyone again.