Change of Blood


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Change of Blood

All I can do right now is feel. I feel like hundreds of people are trying to fight over my consciousness. I can feel the shifting and churning of this sensation, but cannot explain it. As I sense myself taking form, I am able to control the transfer of matter and flow of liquid around me, this experience I cannot explain. Suddenly I can smell… I can smell the feint smell of rusty copper. I can also hear the splashing of liquid all around me. I can also hear people scream in agony, their echoes ringing in my head as if my brain was a museum. How am I able to comprehend all of this? Somehow I know what I’m experiencing yet it’s foreign. A feint vision begins to appear before me, I can see the silhouette of a large man. I am frozen and unable to move, his piercing frightening eyes gaze me up and down. Finally the person in front of me speaks.

“I’m your Lord Shao Khan. You are born into this world because of me, do you understand?” This man gave me life? If it was not for him I would still be swimming in the consciousness of others? This man did me a justice, and he is all I know for now.

“My Lord Shao Khan, thank you for freeing me from that mental prison.” He growled a little bit and stroked his chin. I kneel down on my knee and bow yet I do not know why. It just felt like the right thing to do.

“I have a task for you I need you to complete, but first I want to test your abilities.” My first day of being alive and the man who created me asks me for a favor… I will do what I must for the man who saved me from the horror I was left in.

“What would you like me to do my Lord?” I asked after a long waited awkward silence. He scoffed and took a step back.

“From now on call me Master, I brought you life because I cannot trust anyone in my ranks. I believe you know where your loyalties lie?” he asked. I nodded in place.

“I owe you my life Master, For it is you who freed me from my prison.” The least I could do is let the man who created me have someone he can trust in. But I had to wonder subconsciously why he can’t trust anyone else.

“Do you see that man up on that bridge?” He pointed up. I looked up and saw a man standing around shirtless. As if he was waiting for someone he knew was inevitably coming to where he stood.

“Yes, My Lord.” He stared at me with what seemed like death intention. “Master.” I corrected myself. He nodded then slowly walked back.

“Show me your skills, and don’t disappoint me.” he let out as he sat down on a ridge on the wall. I quickly dropped my form into a pool of blood, the feeling was similar to how it was when I was born, only now without the voices.

The man I stood before who took extreme quick notice of me was shirtless and ripped, don’t believe you could find an ounce of fat. Had semi long hair that went down to his chin. Some of the hair covering over his eyes which appeared a bright green through his bangs. He looked at me with a smug grin. I can feel the sickening aura he let out, it was telling me he thought little of me. First time I feel irked by something, I already have an urge to destroy that deceiving face.

“Shao Khan always make you woman dress like that to distract men from battle focus?” He’s already belittling the man who saved me. Just fuel on the fire at this point. I do not respond to his taunt, I reach my hand behind me and start drawing my blade. “Straight to the point, I can respect that.”

“Shut your mouth.” I let out before dashing at him at full speed. I come down on him vertically with my blade he side steps it making me miss by an inch. His arm spun to back hand my face, but I dodge while twisting myself for a quick leg sweep. He back flips away, I noticed his smile came back. I go to dash at him again. But my feet won’t move. I see green hands coming out of the bridge grasping my ankles. I quickly try to cut them but to no avail my blade goes through.

“You lose Lady in Red.” he let out confidently. “You are carelessly aggressive.” He approached me slowly. First time feeling a little bit of fear, but I was able to subdue it quickly. I deconstruct my body into it's original form from what I was born, blood. I felt my body free of constriction as I splashed into a pool of it onthe floor dissipating away.

I reform above him from behind re-constructing and binding cells. Feeling much like I was when I was born except now it felt more natural. I pull my blades and aim for some nerves in his shoulders. He turns quickly and catches a blade in his hand.

I was completely caught off guard that he would sacrifice his hand to land a hit on me. My other blade was able to only grace his shoulder before he took his other free hand and grabbed my neck. That was when I felt the pressure of his grip trying to restrict my oxygen. I twist the blade in hopes it will weaken his grip and it does just enough I was able to back off.

Some of the man’s splattered blood from his shoulder was on me. It was a extremely sensual sensation. Almost as if some void was filled and filling it had extreme bodily pleasure. I could feel myself getting a little stronger, very feint but there. The man with the green eyes looked surprised.

“You’re quite good at fighting, feisty, and you drain the blood of men. You’re like a typical wife.” I don’t know what a wife is but that same smirk was there.

“why do you insist on talking when we’re fighting to the death.” I ask. I dash at him. I then see a bolt of light out of nowhere explode off the ground between me and my victim. A empowering presence was before me. Something told me in my head I’m not ready to fight such a man.

“ENOUGH! Next time one you tries to get a kill out of tournament. I will not hesitate to end your existence.” he let out. His voice very strong, sending chills down my spine. The man before me had a large straw hat, as well as blue and white robes. He wore eyes that told me ‘don’t you dare’ in those pure white stones. I look out the corner of my eye at my master. He’s just watching me, he told me to test my skills but does he really want me to fight someone with a aura this strong? I stick to what he told me to do. I start running, the man in blue and white vanishes instantly. Then instantly he’s behind me. Just as I felt his presence behind me I couldn’t turn fast enough before every fiber of my body was burning. My arms and legs went stiff, I was unable to control them. My muscles contracting on their own. I couldn’t transform into a puddle of blood to escape I was locked in this form at the moment. I screamed in agony, without even realizing it. The burning finally stopped but I was still unable to do anything as the man in the straw hat picked me up by my neck and held me over the bridge ready to drop me to my death and end my very short existence.

“Raiden, look at her eyes you see what I see do you not?” The man I fought at the start asked this Raiden who held my life in his hands. His white orbs were fixated on me very intently for what felt like 5 minutes but was only 5 seconds.

“How can eyes of an innocent work for someone such as Shao Khan?” he asked the other man. I was struggling for air, and I was hoping my master would do something. I was born to die so quickly? I could have defeated the first man if it wasn’t for this Raiden.

“Beats me, I’m willing to bet she was probably just born recently and brainwashed into fighting. That’s the only explanation I can think of.” I tried to mutter something but the lack of air made it impossible. How can they tell by looking at me that I was just born?

“For now you live, for there is possible hope for you. Let us talk in private Hornbuckle.” I was tossed a few feet away onto the ground as I gasped for air. I was coughing fiercely, while I wallowed in disappointment in myself.

“What’s your name Lady in Red?” I was asked. I sat there silent not wanting to respond. We spared your life, last you could do is tell us your name.

“Skarlet….” I let out. I don’t know where that came from, but for some reason I knew that was my name. Do I have a past I do not know? Hornbuckle seemed surprised.

“Hmmm, maybe.” he grinned as he walked away. Leaving me confused, they vanished away just as I hear footsteps approaching from behind. I look back… and my master looks exceptionally angry.

“Time for your punishment… Skarlet. The price for failing a mission is 2 days of torture.” My heart sank deeply. My chest heavy… why did this feel twenty times worse than when Raiden threatened my life. The aura from my master had harmful intent toward me. I was more afraid of my master at the moment than I was of Raiden.

Chapter End.

Chapter 2

My hands were bound behind my back, as the reptilian man urged me forward. He seems to understand English, but he seems incapable of speaking it himself. His scale like armor ripped some of my flesh off my face when he back handed me. That was when I realized even though I can split my body up into liquid form, I keep all previous damage done to my body when I reconstruct.

At the very least I still heal pretty fast. My footsteps from my heels left a loud clacking through the empty halls. Such uncomfortable footwear, yet I have the balance necessary to fight in them. The heel itself could probably be used as a weapon, focusing all pressure and power into a single point. Before I realized it, we reached a large set of wooden doors with a stone arch as the frame. I was pushed into the room, then quickly the monster in green kicked the back of my knee forcing me to kneel and then pushed my face into the ground.
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“That’s enough Reptile, thank you.” I looked back to see this Reptile. The man who followed the order for my torture. My body felt like a ton of bricks, and it also stung like someone poured alcohol on me. Considering I’m made up of blood, it’s more painful than what a normal man would think.

“See Skarlet, I can be generous.” I looked up at him perplexed. He sat there in his chair with a huge grin on his face. I think he sensed my confusion so he continued to speak.

“It’s only been one day Skarlet, and I cut your torture short. I realized hoping you’d be able to beat Raiden was probably a bit much. But much like a pet, I need you to understand what it means to me when you fail.” I felt extremely down and low. I was being compared to an animal. He stood up and began walking down the stairs toward me.

“Besides, I need someone who can’t disobey me to execute a mission for me.” The real intent of why my torture was cut short has been revealed. But the mention that I was unable to disobey bugged me to no end.

“What is your request my Master.” I asked submissively. I was staring at the ground now, waiting for my task. He grabbed my chin with his right hand and forced me to look up at him.

“I don’t trust Quan Chi, so I need you to tail him and find out what he’s up to. Kill him if you find that he’s planning to back stab me.” with that Shao khan flicked his fingers and a transparent image of a bald white man with tattoos appeared. “This is what he looks like, so learn what you can.” I nodded and with that, Master reached behind me and destroyed the things that bound my hands and kept me from transforming. I looked at him with a stern look of acknowledgement. Then I proceeded to remove myself from his site and once again became a pool of blood seeping into the cracks of the floor to quickly navigate to this Quan Chi’s location.

I was capable of spreading my body out in a wide area to search for him on the castle grounds. It always bewildered me that I know all these tricks I can do without ever being taught them. Having my body spread out is an awkward feeling. I’m experiencing the touch of many textures at the same time. Much like being covered in sand while laying on a carpet covered in dirt and covering myself with a half silk, half polyester blanket. For each cohesive clot of blood I had a vision, so I was capable of looking for Quan Chi as if I were 80 assassins spread out in a search. Naked to the human eye, no one sees blood and will think it’s me.

I found the man Hornbuckle that master wanted me to kill, but he did not mention him in my new mission. So as of this moment he is of no importance to me. As my blood slithered through the ceiling cracks, I saw him look straight at me with a big smile on his face. How can he see me?

“Oh, are you trying to spy on me in hopes to see me naked?” The nerve of that man. I quickly leave to search other rooms. How is he able to know it’s me? And so quickly? One day I’ll cut out his jugular, let's see him grin at me and make arrogant jokes then. But for right now I will find Quan Chi, and this time I will show master what I’m capable of. This time I will get praise like Reptile received for torturing me. Funny how I have no disdain toward the green lizard for his acts. I wonder why that’s the case… most people who get harmed by another person get angry with them. The same way I feel about that Hornbuckle.

Found him… I told myself. As I located Quan Chi in the east wing, I hid myself a little more carefully this time. If Hornbuckle could see me perhaps this guy could too.

“Let’s talk about this privately, Lord Shinnok. I’ll be there briefly to discuss matters.” Quan Chi was talking to nothing. I took a mental note of name Lord Shinnok. I slithered a bit closer behind a pillar as I waited for the rest of my blood to catch up to me. I had to hurry because he plans on leaving soon and I don’t know where to. “Come Scorpion, we have much to do. Noob Saibot, stay here watch behind the portal. Once it closes, go and serve as Shao khans guard. I believe he wanted Scorpion to guard Kitana for her execution, but you will do fine.

Noob Saibot nodded and stood by. Quan Chi began doing some anti-symmetrical hand movements and a portal began to open. As my body slowly started becoming whole again I went ahead and began getting closer to the portal so that I could make the jump before it closes. Quan Chi entered, as my body was 75% complete. Then shortly after Scorpion walked through and my body was 90% complete.

I dripped myself silently behind Noob Saibot between him and the portal. Just as I reconstructed behind him. I saw him raise both of his hands. Suddenly a black portal appeared beneath me. As I fell, I suddenly realized I was airborne back in the same room. In my confusion as I fell toward the ground upside down. Only to meet an extremely painful punch to the face. It caused my body to rotate mid air as I hit the ground hard.

“You have strange powers for a Earth Realm fighter, I almost didn’t notice you. But today you die for chasing after Quan Chi.” He seems to think I fight for Earth Realm, how foolish. Whatever, the deception will prove to be useful if he’s able to report back.

I push myself back onto my feet quickly. I darted straight for Noob saibot. He got into a stance, and that was when I noticed black thick liquid coming out of him from all his pores and through the weaving of his clothes. A copy of himself in pitch black form was running straight for me. Jumped over him, once i passed the clone, he dissipated away into the floor as if he couldn't hold his form anymore. Noob blocked my attempt to stab his face with a firm grasp of my wrist. I was hoping for this, I flicked my kitana back into my own wrist. Thus causing my blood to spray into Noob Saibot’s eyes. He closed and covered them on reaction as my blood made quick work of damaging his eyes. In his misery, I jump over him with my hands on his shoulders and rammed my heal into his spine as I kicked off of him and dove into the portal to the Nether realm head first.

Realizing I can’t come out of the portal in my full form I quickly dropped my form for that crimson red liquid. The portal gave a eerie feeling. It gave a prickly sensation like what you get when you think a bug is near you but you can’t see it, and you start to feel like stuff is crawling on you when there is nothing there. That’s the feeling you get when riding in a portal for that split 10 second journey.

Once out, I splashed myself onto a hot surface. The ground was extremely, painfully hot for me to stay in blood form but I could not change until Quan Chi was out of site. I saw him in the distance pacing slowly. I need him out of view so I can keep myself from dying. I slithered around like a snake searching for a cooler spot to stay put on. The heat was evaporating my existence away slowly. I could feel my strength leaving me.

“Scorpion, stay guard here while I talk to Lord Shinnok.” Scorpion bowed. He looked so unsatisfied, as if he did not want what was asked of him. Enough analyzing this Scorpion, I will take cover and prepare to infiltrate as best as I can without being noticed.

I reconstructed my body out of Scorpions line of sight behind a frying corpse on a stick. I dove behind a big rock and looked for some opening besides the entrance in which he blocked. Nothing…

that was when I heard a hard stomp behind me. I look up behind me as the portal just finished closing. That was when my chest felt like it was sinking into an ocean. The arrogant prick followed behind… what is his motive? I ask myself this simple question as I tried my best to hide from both him and Scorpion.

“Pretty sure I saw her go through that portal, now where could she be.” He was being obnoxiously loud but perhaps he might capture Scorpion’s attention enough or me to sneak by… I wait patiently to see what how this Hornbuckle would handle this situation.

Chapter 3

His ego is radiant and blinding, as he doesn’t seem to care Scorpion is standing not far from him. Scorpion is not someone you can take lightly, let alone on his home turf. As I laid with my back to a rock, while peeking around the corner, I couldn’t help but notice his meager play at looking lost.

“Hanzo, did you see a little girl in red run by here?” little girl? If he was trying to bait me out of rage he’s doing a good job.

“What is your business here Monk?” Scorpion let out in a threatening tone. Hornbuckle sighed and rubbed his face.

“I just told you Hanzo, did you see….” He started.

“Do you play tricks with me? How could a child be wandering around in here?” Hanzo retorted.

“Well I guess she doesn’t look like a child.” Hornbuckle emphasized on the word look.

“ENOUGH! No one has entered this area, so you have no business here. Leave.” Hanzo made it final. Hornnbuckle continued to close distance between them.

“Hanzo shut up and listen. If you didn’t see her and she’s not here at the entrance. She must already be inside.” Hornbuckle was warning him about me? This is most inconvenient, sneaking in won’t do me much good if they know I’m coming. What is Hornbuckle planning? I can’t quite get a fix on what his motives are.
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“Are you implying someone is spying or planning an assassination?” Scorpion asked.

“Do you mind letting me by to look?” he asked. Why is he looking for me? What could I possibly have that he wants? Revenge? No he doesn’t seem the type. His motives are deeper than that.

“No. Quan Chi wants no one in.” Hanzo let out.

“Well Hanzo, I feel sorry for what happened to you in your time with the living on earth realm. But this is something I must do and if you won’t let me pass. We’re going to have to fight man to man.” Hornbuckle let out cracking is knuckles.

“Your death Monk.” Scorpion began walking toward Hornbuckle. Hornbuckle pushed a single hand out toward Scorpion launching a shockwave of green illuminated energy in his direction. It went through Scorpion as if he was a hologram and then Hornbuckle tilted his head to the right to dodge a punch to the back of his head.

He then grabbed Scorpions forearm with both of his hands and threw him over his shoulder onto his back. Scorpion punched the ground causing flames to come up through the cracks of the hardened lava, catching Hornbuckle’s clothes on fire. Hornbuckle exploded with another shockwave of green energy that went in all directions. Using the shockwave as a way to put out the fire much like how people sometimes use TNT to put out oil fires.

I took this chance while Scorpion was on the defensive to try and sneak by into the entrance. I began darting for the entrance. Just before reaching the entrance, a large burst of flames came from the floor covering the only way in. I looked back and Scorpion was staring right at me yelling in anger while holding his hands up palms skyward. He noticed me and risked turning his back on Hornbuckle to stop me.

I shifted my gaze toward Hornbuckle who was smirking. He went to hit Scorpion from behind but once again hit what seemed like an illusion. Scorpions image faded like a ghost as he approached from behind me trying to stab my back. I rolled out of the way in time, but not before I realized a robe wrapped around my ankle with a shuriken tied at the end of it. I was swept from under my feet as I laid flat on my back.

Hanzo brought up his leg ready to bring forth an Axe kick. I rolled to the side. He pulled his rope bringing my leg up and tried to stab my leg. Then that’s when the unexpected happened. Hornbuckle the man I tried to kill stopped Scorpions attempt to remove my mobility with those green hands holding Hanzo’s wrists. I cut the rope and slide pass Hanzo in a dash for the entrance. I looked back only briefly, not sure why…

Some part of me wanted to see the man who went out of his way to save me from an attack. I probably could have stopped it. But the part that bugs me is… if he wanted revenge on me… or needed to defeat both of us, why would he not let scorpion render my leg useless for the battle so he’d only have one opponent? Whatever, I need to focus on the mission at hand.

I turn away and start jogging in an attempt to conserve energy. Not before realizing I wanted to look back one more time. I neglected my urge and continued forward… I dissipated into a splash of blood to begin my spread out search once more….

Chapter 4
The Netherrealm smelt of burning copper, barely breathable. The heat here was taking it’s toll on my body. I re-gathered myself as it was more tolerable when I’m in full form. I’ll have to search for him as a singular unit. There were dead bodies stuck in the cave linings almost as if the wall had ate them. Their dead eyes followed me silently in despair and anger.

I kept a close eye on them, as I was ready for anything. It was a little too easy to infiltrate this place to reach Quan Chi. You’d think he’d be more well protected, as if Scorpion could be his only body guard? I heard voices suddenly echoing lightly through the cave walls. I continue forward slowly hearing the chatter get louder and louder.

“He already suspects treachery Lord Shinnok.” I overheard Quan Chi. I scooted in a little close ducking behind a book shelf as I awaited evidence. I placed my back firmly against the shelf while I used only my ears to listen and tried not to give away my position.

“How are you certain Quan Chi?” Lord Shinnok asked him with criticism. Quan Chi scoffed and then suddenly I had this eerie feeling as if I was being watched. I turned to look behind me and a face emerged from the shelf in the form of Quan Chi’s face. I stabbed it immediately on instinct. But it was merely a distraction as a portal already opened up from beneath me with a pale white hand grabbed me by the throat doing it’s best to restrict my air. The surprise and the speed of the hand threw me off guard and I dropped my weapon on the way through the portal. Upon exiting the portal Quan Chi was shutting off my oxygen supply as he held me 3 inches from the ground. Before I even had the chance to kick him the pushed me against the wall.

The wall much like the corpses I saw before began to absorb me. But once it had my limb locked it hardened. I tried to sink into pure blood but some kind of sorcery was preventing me from doing so. I screamed in anger through my mask as he glared at me with confidence and fully displaying his ego, and just how huge it was. It pissed me off a hundred times worse than Hornbuckle’s smug face.

“For some much effort in sorcery to have you created you were quite easy to read once Noob Saibot and Scorpion told me your powers.” Scorpion had time to tell him what he knew from our fight? Does that mean Hornbuckle lost?

“Oh what’s wrong? You look confused…” He mocked me. “Did you not think I had a way to communicate with my two best fighters at all times?” This is a mistake made from my own inexperience with how the world works.

“Is this what you speak of Quan Chi?” Lord Shinnok asked through the hologram picture. Lord Shinnok was not in the room but he was able to communicate through what looked like a mini floating portal with his face in it.

“Yes, Shao Khan made her to find out our plans and ultimately try to assassinate us.” he replied back.

“Well go ahead and kill her. She‘s unsightly to look at.” Shinnok ordered.

“I have a better idea my lord. Although she was created so she can’t be 100% controlled by sorcery, she can still be manipulated. I suggest you leave her to me and I’ll make her attack Shao Khan. If we kill her now Shao Khan will be even more highly suspect of our actions. But if she attacks him, he’ll just assume betrayal.” He presented his case I stared with a death glare. I will kill him.

“You actually believe I’ll do your bidding? I’m going to kill you. You can mock me all you want but your death will be by my hands.” I yelled. His arrogant face really pisses me off.

“Talking pretty big for someone who can’t fight back.” he back hands me real quick as he looks back toward Lord Shinnok.

“Very well Quan Chi, I agree with your plan to prevent further suspicion from Shao Khan. Having Raiden and Shao Khan both as enemies is not something I look forward to.” with that, the portal closes and Quan Chi turns to me with a grin.

“I can already sense some resentment for Shao Khan in you…” Quan Chi told me as I stared at him in silence. “What I’m going to do is reverse your anger for me toward Shao Khan, because I cannot control your mind as much as I’d like as you’d make a valuable asset to my army.”

Why am I so easily manipulated? I felt a strong persuasion that I had to obey Shao Khan even though he didn’t really care about my existence other than to find information and assassinate this bastard. And now as he’s implying I won’t have control over my emotions? What’s the point of me being me if I’m so easily swayed.

Quan Chi began chanting some weird words, as his hands glowed with purple and green energy. He grabbed my forhead, my wiggling resistance remaining futile. Suddenly the chains that bound my hatred toward Shao khan was lifted and suddenly my anger toward this man began to subside. Quan Chi was putting mental notes in my subconscious that he was someone who freed me from a prison within my own mind, to make me hate him less. At the same time showed me what Shao Khan had done to me in my previous life to increase my hate.

As my previous life memories began to flush it’s way into my consciousness. Quan Chi stuck a needle in my neck and injected me with something. I began to get drowsy as I was forced to remember many horrors of time past….

“Kung Lao I’m sorry…” escaped my lips.
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good read, its a lot better than everything else that is posted here(including my stuff) and I honestly found it really fun to read, and I really haven't read anything as good since I last read the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit

However I never liked reading about fight scene (its not you I've hated reading fight scenes since the Ambler Warning from Robert Ludlum :p)
lol although my grammar mistakes are sometimes high, easily catch-able when I proof read. I generally find my own work not good. But that's because I read epic books and want to live up to that stuff.

That being said, I've written Resident evil fanfics and original fiction, and have had people send me death threats in emails for me to continue a story I dropped lol.

so I must not be too bad of a writer despite my self criticism. Thanks for the positive feed back Exemery.
then again I haven't read a book in about 2 weeks LoL. But also, It was really neat the way you introduced Skarlet. (my only errr suggestion is that her "powers" be described a little bit clearer )

" I drop into a pool of blood just before he set to hit me. I reform above him from behind. "
If I had no idea of MK then this sequence would bewilder me.
then again I haven't read a book in about 2 weeks LoL. But also, It was really neat the way you introduced Skarlet. (my only errr suggestion is that her "powers" be described a little bit clearer )

" I drop into a pool of blood just before he set to hit me. I reform above him from behind. "
If I had no idea of MK then this sequence would bewilder me.

good point, I'll look into it.

adjusted, any better?
Good start mate! I am liking the first person narration alot. You choice of words is quite good and unique as well. The only critique I can give as of now is regarding the variety of words used. Also as far as the plot goes, Im not sure if you are staying true to the MK lore or going for a spin off but eitherways Im liking the progress so far and Im really intrigued to learn more about your take on Hornbuckle.

Keep up the good job mate! Easily one of the best fanfics I read on here.:)
Good start mate! I am liking the first person narration alot. You choice of words is quite good and unique as well. The only critique I can give as of now is regarding the variety of words used. Also as far as the plot goes, Im not sure if you are staying true to the MK lore or going for a spin off but eitherways Im liking the progress so far and Im really intrigued to learn more about your take on Hornbuckle.

Keep up the good job mate! Easily one of the best fanfics I read on here.:)

I'm repeating too many descriptions? I'll take a looky.

I'm not sticking 100% to lore. Well. I am up as far as we know about skarlet but once we hit unknown territory, I'm going with my own direction.
Excellent start, proof read your stuff so you won't repeat mistakes and your golden :-D

I do proof read. but something like repeat use-age of a word I don't notice at even at 2nd glance. As far as I know I didn't make any grammatical errors. I just did a few things that causes a story to be a little stale when I reuse a single word too much. I changed a few around already hopefully its atleast a tiny bit better.
Ok cool. How long is this story going to be anyway?

I just story boarded it... so... If I had to guess probably around 25-30 chapters lol. It needs enough time where I can get the reader to feel something for the characters.

For instance, If I watch a movie of a man losing his wife at the beginning of a movie. I won't really feel anything. But if something like that happens after character development so I can associate being in that characters place. The dramatic feel of the man losing his wife will be a lot stronger.
I'll have a chapter up Every Saturday.

If I post one early like say... tomorrow. don't expect one that saturday.

Dunno if this make sense.

like... 4 chapters will be up in a month. If I chose to do all 4 chapters in 5 days time. Dont' expect an update for about a month.

(I probably won't do that to you, but just a heads up)

I usually post more often than that. So we'll see.
The edits are coming up great! Another thing which I wanted to point out was, as far as the Mortal Kombat Tournaments go, Raiden, though a thunder God, doesn't have any authority to execute the rules. The elder Gods overlook it directly and the choice to kill lies with the fighters themselves.

Frankly, this is just nitpicking on my part, but yea, I really want this to come out as perfect as possible.
The edits are coming up great! Another thing which I wanted to point out was, as far as the Mortal Kombat Tournaments go, Raiden, though a thunder God, doesn't have any authority to execute the rules. The elder Gods overlook it directly and the choice to kill lies with the fighters themselves.

Frankly, this is just nitpicking on my part, but yea, I really want this to come out as perfect as possible.

Bleh, I know he doesn't but Shao khan breaks them all the time. I like my Raiden on the borderline of angry. Like how he felt when shao khan cheesed out kung lao.

"I'll burn(rip?) the flesh from your bones!" He was totally ready to jump in. Not to mention he's running around in the 2nd tournament, doing things behind scenes saving people ect. I'm just showing his displeasure with outworld always playing dirty.

I wanted Raiden to feel empowering. he's the good guy boss after all. While shao khan is the bad guy's boss.
Chapter 2 is up.

I need to sleep, so I didn't get much proof reading. I'll proof read real well in the morning after I go to the Gym.

thanks for reading :D

EDIT: I did not make enough space savers lol. Oh well I'll just link everything to my future posts if I need to.