Challenge Tower would of been better if..


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No it wouldnt as most of the missions are character specific. Being the same character throughout the whole thing would be boring


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this is actually a pretty good thread..

Post what you think would make the Challenge Tower better!

he didnt explain anything he just said that lol so i replied that way. .
im happy with challenge tower ill be happy more if they add more levels lol


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i think on some of the challenges you should be able to pick your character but it should be rare imo, nothing wrong with more challenges though and i dunno maybe a decent reward at the end(like they promised)


One thing is I hate being Jade,and Kitana,and like I said I rather play as somebody I'm good with,not suck with.


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I think the challenge tower is good because it helps you train with different characters to become more rounded.
But, can you choose your player for the last level? Or is it just Liu Kang? Because on that part I want to choose someone Im better with.


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OK so i hear that Kratos gets his Alternate costume in the Challenge Tower? Does that mean he has to play the 300 Mission and Win to get it?

For anyone who has it already let us know?



Update: U can just do Arcade mode with Kratos and get Krato's Alternate outfit. I did that today and got it. YAY! Good to know!
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I like it with different characters that way it adds to the CHALLENGE and even though you suck with the character and its CHALLENGING you should be able to overcome the CHALLENGE with practice and determination. I finished all 300 challenges and I didn't find a problem at all with using different characters as you only had to learn about 1-2 combos and then 1-2 special moves and you would be good. Also it would get boring and repetitive as said before. Also now (Probably Story mode helped as well) I can use just about any character and pull off combo and special or two. It also advertise other characters that you might not even know your good at!