Challenge Tower final battle


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So I'm wondering, has anybody actually beat this fight? I usually do it with Scorpion. I can get past goro and kintaro without much trouble (usually have full health after i down them), but it almost always goes downhill from there. If I get blocking disabled on mileena, its game over. Otherwise I can hold my own against her, but she always pulls the traditional AI's button-reading and super speed tactics and kicks my ass. On one of the occasions when I got through to Shao Khan, I realized that one of my combos did 4% damage to him (dont think i had the damage reduction debuff at that point).
I beat it a long time ago, my advice?
Don't ever restart after you lose, keep pressing "try again."
Like, don't ever exit out of the fight.
The AI actually gets easier the more times you lose!
So, keep at it.
I also beat it with Scorpion, his spear b2, air throw being the most useful combo in my opinion.
Thanks for the advice. Also, is it even possible to fight mileena with blocking disabled? It seems like between her teleport kicks and ball rolls it's simply impossible to fend her off without just turtling up and low blocking