Challenge 300 is Still Broken

Coming into the 300th challenge, I expected it to be super hard from everything I heard about it. I died a few times trying to beat it, but it honestly didn't take me long at all to beat. I used Noob and did it fairly easily whereas there are like 5 other challenges I still need to go back and do that I skipped because I just couldn't beat them. The 300th is not the hardest IMO.

I think it took me around 7 to 8 tries to pass it. There were some other challenges that I also had to skip. The one that was really hard for me was the Quan Chi one, were the controls were flipped upside down.
NRS built up the 300th challenge to be insanely difficult prior to launch. I personally think it's pretty easy. I beat it on the fourth try with Kung Lao. Mileena is the key.