Challenge #281


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i hated every mission that was tilt....look at it this way

when you hit, your eyes glow...if ur eyes are glowing, their HP is draining, as if they were poisoned. the trick (if you'd call it that), is to keep at a distance, low block, when they get close, land a small combo, dash in and throw them as soon as they stand up. if eats up time, and since it takes so many frames for the throws or w/e, their life loss is greater. of course, during this, they will hit you a bunch also, so you have to play offensive minded, but landing a hit, followed by a throw is pretty slick way to win these.

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Yup, what the above poster said. Keep in mind tho that higher hitting combos will cause Kitana's life to drain faster. So if you can pull off one that lands around 5 hits or so, you should be good.


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You are Mileena fighting Kitana on the Evil Monastery and you have to make the screen tilt.

Just keep smacking Kitana. This was probably the hardest and most frustrating to me. I'd start kicking ass, but then Kitana would start getting me back and get the world so tilted in her favor that my energy would just drop. I think the CPU also changes difficulty when they get low on health.

Good luck, just keep trying.


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Basically picture your health bars as filled with liquid. You want to keep the screen tilted so your bar fills up and hers drains. It's less about winning, more about position.


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I think he understands the concept guys. He's obviously completed all the others.

This one made me RAGE. Kitana is better than Mileena in practically every way and that CPU was so quick to block and keep up the zoning pressure...I just couldn't do anything. Until I found a move that she couldn't dodge very well.

Mileena has a 2-hit sweep combo that CPU Kitana just can't handle. Get into a rhythm where you bait her into approaching then do that combo (<-+4, -> + 3 I think, check the movelist). You only need to land it maybe 6-7 times to win. And even if she blocks as long as you keep up the pressure the screen tilt will still be in your favor.


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honestly, it's hilariously easy. all i did was crouch and wait for her to get close enough and then hit her with a donkey kick. just keep repeating. after a little bit of this, her health will plummet! don't even try combos. hope this helps :)


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I got this after Skylot's post actually, it was much easier when I began to throw (Don't know why I didn't think of that before.) Thanks! :D

And yes, it is incredibly frustrating if you don't know what you're doing.