Chain Thread: MK10 Story


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Now, I know MK9 just came out and crackpot therories are a little early, but hear me out. Basically, a chain thread is when I start off with a beginning of something and you posters keep it going. So, obviously, this chain will be about the MK10 story. So please try to keep this going. Adding humor is okay, but trying to completely screw this up will be ignored. I'll start off with a very basic beginning. Here goes nothing.

The story mode begins with a recap of the MK9 story mode, with Raiden grieving over all the Kombatant's deaths and their souls now in the possession of Quan Chi.


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Quan Chi, Shinnok and all the souls of the dead Kombatants appear before Raiden

Sonya - "Jax... You're Alive!!!"

Jax - "Too bad YOU.... WILL DIE"


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kitana is quan chi's slave or "queen" but shes evil & under a spell
liu kang is a zombie
jade & sindel escape the netherrealm & try 2 get kitana
cyber sub zero & smoke help jade & sindel
raiden turns evil
ermac/king jerrod tries 2 restore edenia by himself but edenia is being attacked by the ceberus beast from the netherrealm


kitana's future outfit could look similar 2 this
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