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I LOVE this character! Even better than Jade in this game. Cetrion is my number 1 main so far. However, I'm hoping she would have more moves and a buff in the next patch.

Btw, because I'm not a competitive player, what would be an excellent layout for her?

So far, I have her "Ring of Fire" and "H2O Port". Anything better?

Please anyone let me know of how I can be better with her.

This character reminds me of Ariana Grande btw because of "God Is A Woman". ;)

Jade is still in second place for me. ;)
Cetrion is really cool, I dig her moveset and her look. Plus it’s really cool to play as an elder god in the game, loved her character development in the story too. Not a big fan of playing as her though. She definitely feels like a trap/jailing character with her 50/50s, overhead boulder or vine grap is a good 50/50 and her enhanced fire is good too. I think I need to practice with her more to get the feel of her strings.
I was just wondering, it Cetrion and Shinnok are the children of Kronika, who is the father?

Maybe the One Being?

That should be the main antagonist of the next MK game.
I'd like to see MK11's Cetrion in an interaction/introduction with Gill from SF5!!!

Both use fire and ice and such. Both are literally "gods".
After watching MK11 Aftermath story mode....

I still don't like the fact she's following her mother's orders rather than becoming good! I hope there is another story DLC that will make her become a protagonist and stick with the values of virtue.
Why is an Elder God vulnerable to Sindel? Is this why Shinnok/Cetrion/Kronika had Quan Chi kill her off?

Good question. I really hope there is another story DLC that will involve her surviving and being on the side of good because her role in Aftermath is just as bad as her role in the original MK11 story mode.
I think Cetrion is like a Seraphim angel. I mean she has 6 tendrils and Seraphim angels have 6 wings. I was hoping she'd have one more beautiful angelic skin with the tendrils as feathered wings and her face to be more human-like.