Cerebrawl: Fighting Game Kickstarter

Yeah, there was a thread for it before, although it ruined by spambots.

I'm all for more fighting games, but the game isn't in an advanced enough stage to inspire confidence. I backed Pocket Rumble, but sluggish development and lack of communication for what would seemed to be a small-scaled game is making me regret that decision.
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I'm all for hand drawn 2d fighting games so it's nice to see small teams trying to keep the spirt alive. It broke my heart when kof 14 went with 3d models. IMO kof 13 still looks amazing. I understand that style Isn't cost effective since it takes so long to build a game that way but It looks so good.
....Anyway the game looks cool. I'm getting skull girls vibes from it. I definitely keep it on my radar.
The soundtrack is REALLY GOOD but I don't think it goes with the theme of the game. Honestly, the whole premise is kinda lame to me. Imagination bomb?!?! Doesn't make much sense to me. Personally, I think a better direction for this game would be to have a cast full of cartoony street kids, kinda like in River City Ransom Underground.

The game looks fun tho. I would purchase it.