Cassie's new look (THANK GOD!)


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Of course this is real. You guys didnt think all the footage we have seen is finished product. They make the game then finalize the detail and textures. If Metro looks as good as it does, it just shows the potential of bext gen. Im going with the pc version but a ps4 on a monitor is very close to pc graphics. This game is going to be unreal.


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^ No problem lol i really doubt the difference would be by that much though... that would be ridiculous lol if that was the case though (which i'm positive isn't..) i really doubt anyone at all would buy MKX for the current gen haha

:d yeah but im sorry for people that dont have a Ps4 yet, or a Xbox One, BUT I would advise everyone here to get a PS4 with MKX!

We haven't seen any X360 or PS3 footage yet, but I think when we'll see it it will probably be a HUGE difference seen NRS is fully focusing on nextgen as Ed has stated a few times.


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I think I'm going to take the wait and see approach with this now. It really does look like it's been Photoshopped but what makes me believe it might truly be fixed is the improved textures on her shoulder and the fact that they didn't fix her neck/Trapezius muscles. You'd think if they went to the trouble to clean up her face in Photoshop they would've fixed her neck/shoulders as well.

As [MENTION=17744]Elias6999[/MENTION] posted, they still haven't fixed her Trapezius muscles... Her shoulders should in no way be above her Trapezius muscles like that. As an added bonus, if they fixed the Trapezius muscles I'm pretty sure that would fix the long neck issue as well because there would no longer be a huge dip between her shoulders and neck.


I really dont even know why they are bothering with ps3/360 they are done.... it wont run or play as well, or look as april old gen will be dead....I read here a while back that not a lot of people here have next gen :/ I am in australia, and we have all upgraded....


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There are millions of people who still haven't moved over to next gen.
It was a smart move on WB's part to port it over.


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I'll be playing MKX on my PS3. I still have a long ways to go before I move on to next gen. I will buy a PS4 when it gets a price drop and then I'll buy the complete version of MKX with all the DLC on it. I figured it's a smart move.
I´m not really disturbed by her neck.... the deal here is her chin, her face is so square-ish!!! I think fixing that will heal everything.... Ooo and her eye´s separation distance is extremely long.........


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Check this out.
Go to Google images and search for "kitana mk9" (no quotes).
No results? What gives?


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kotal kahn still looks better
but i do see an improvement in textures, some facial structure and shaders
the one before was barf inducing


Im all for giving NRS a hard time coz they do get lazy....

But i think this time it is legit....I mean check it...

Kitana when she was first released....

months later.

THey fiedt he textures an the things lacking, I mean look a her fans... same thing with cassies face.


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She's definitely different. But she just went from looking like dog shit to horse shit.

Can't wait to see what other monstrosities NRS has in store.


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[video] 6XVKBKoejWJcUVDyRmIbAB2rTxcgkL4p[/video]