Cassie's new look (THANK GOD!)


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This was just posted to Mortal Kombat's Facebook page.


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At least she looks like a woman now.
Maybe not a current-gen model of a woman, but a woman still.


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Damn, 100% better!! Even the textures on her uniform are way the hell better!! Kotal Kahn looks improved too. Man, to see such improvements is only good news! Game is gonna blow peoples minds when it comes out!


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Until I see it in action, that's just a bullshot.

They did the same exact thing in Injustice for Zatanna.

Real face


Promo face


Taj Gill

Wow, it's one thing to Photoshop/Enhance "live action" images, it's another to enhance Computer Generated ones. Call me ignorant because I didn't know that happens, but now that I do, that's pretty sad.


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I might be the minority, but den eyes just look off to me and the head structure...I personally like the only one a bit better (especial if they just fix the jaw/chin shape)


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[MENTION=16370]uKER[/MENTION] can you post the shop you did on Cassie's face?
Just for a comparison.


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It's a good improvement, especially with the costume textures. But it literally looks like all they gave her was a nice tan and a hint of make-up detail. It's still the same unattractive face to me.


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I really hope this transfers onto game as it does in this picture. I really hope (as said above) that this isn't a photoshop in game picture because I will feel slightly cheated. If this is the real deal, then bravo to them. They've really stepped up the faces from MK 9. They've given Cassie more defined features that you can see the plains of her face. Not to mention that she looks female :p

I know people complained about Sonya in MK 9, but I don't think anything will compare to MK VS DC Sonya. That was like WWF Chyna from 1997 :laugh:


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I must of missed something because I never noticed Sonya looking that bad in MK9.

But anyway, Cassie looks a hell of a lot better in this new picture.


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Well I'l be damned. An actual human female in Mortal Kombat. Face ain't perfect, but I will take that any day, any time over those in MK9.

Good Job Netherrealm.